Good Times & Smiles Flowers & Beer Gift

  • Crank open the good times with the Good Times & Smiles Flowers & Beer Gift from Toronto Blooms. The perfect choice for the beer lover in your life, this gift is sure to impress anyone who receives it. Add their favourite gourmet treats to the gift to make it even more special and thoughtful. 

  • Included in the basket:

    Flowers - Pink Orchid Plant in a standard planter placed in a printed fabric basket with a metal wire exterior. 

    Plants - Assorted tropical shrubs arranged along the base of the orchid plant.

    Beers - Six Canadian beers are included in the base price of this gift basket. You can change the type of beer or increase the number of beers to 8, 12, 18 or 24.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Pissed off customer
Rip off

Total scam. Overcharged and didn't send anything like was pictured. Just lazy plastic wrapping that looked like they went to the dollar store while on their way to pick up the randoms ass beers. Plant wasn't even what was pictured. They just ripped up some weed that they plucked from the sidewalk. Apparently same day delivery means when they wake up from their hangover from all the beer they drank so they can roll out of bed and package all the singles left over. Couldn't be bothered to put the product in a basket like they pictured. The card was printed on paper I wouldn't wipe my ass with, on a printer that had the setting quality dialed down to lowest setting to save money. Website worked great though. It had no problem robbing-err...processing the payment.

Issac Knapp
Exotic and enjoyable

It was a perfect congratulatory gift I received from a friend on my promotion. The orchids are known to be exotic and the bunch I received in this basket was beautiful and adorned my room for around a week. The beer, being one of my all-time favorites, was greatly enjoyed. I would definitely recommend it.

Jaxon Hess
The recipient loved it

The hamper was delivered on time and the recipient (my sister-in-law) just liked it a lot! She said the hamper and the stuff in it were adorable. I couldn’t have been more pleased. Appreciable service; worth investing money in.

Callie Chambers
It was perfect

I liked everything about this basket. The inclusions were superb- graceful orchids, delicious beers, and a very healthy plant. Liked the fabric basket too. I got it from my husband and really think it makes a beautiful gift. Highly recommended.