Chocolate Dipped Strawberries to Devour

  • Looking for the treat that you just can't take your hands off of? Look no further than Chocolate Dipped Strawberries to Devour, a delicious treat that you can't help but devour! This gift is best paired with many of our flower gifts, so be sure to find the flowers from Toronto Blooms that best match with these treats to create the ultimate gift.

  • This gift includes a stylized box of delicious chocolate dipped strawberries, an incredibly decadent treat. This gift pairs perfectly with many of our fine floral arrangements and wine or champagne offerings and acts as the perfect companion to many of our flower gifts offered.

    Please Note: This gift basket contains perishable items.  To guarantee freshness, we highly recommend that an express shipping method (Same-Day, Next-Day or Overnight) be used to ship any order consisting of fruits/chocolate-dipped fruits, cakes/baked goods, flowers/plants, cheese, and all other perishable items.

Customer Reviews

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DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY. OUT TO MAKE $$$. Completely unacceptable and disappointed with ...

What I ordered was not delivered. I ordered a herb garden and a succulent planter was sent. Also I ordered carrot mini loaves and muffins with melted off icing was sent. This is unacceptable. I would like this rectified ASAP. This is my mom's mother's day present and very upsetting especially since I cannot be there with her this year due to COVID restrictions. Apparently I was notified by the company in response to the above that they can substitute a like product. See my reply to that below.

I understand that substitutions may be necessary BUT SUCCULENTS DO NOT COME CLOSE TO HERBS. I told my mom that she was getting herbs and she's elderly and a bit confused and fortunately did not try to cut and cook/eat with them. If you need to substitute something edible the customer should be informed of the substitution BEFORE you send it. I would not have agreed to a succulent because my mother has no need for a succulent. I would have preferred flowers. As far as the carrot cakes, muffins were substituted and that's ok but clearly the box had either fallen or it was left in the heat because the icing was all smushed and melted. My 5 year old could have iced something better looking. THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE. I'm embarrassed to have sent something that looked like this to my mom for mother's day . What I'm reading is that you have no intention of any customer recovery?????? How horrible for your company to have this approach. I would like to speak/discuss this with a manager. I am very upset that my mom might have tried to eat the succulents thinking that they were herbs and edible. Fortunately my brother visited and sent those pictures to me and was able to intercept. Please connect me with your manager or supervisor as I think something should be done in this situation especially given that the muffins were horrible looking and the plant was not a good substitution.
I would have loved to have been notified of you being unable to fulfill this order as ordered. Honestly it feels like a very dishonest operation to take the money and just say you're substituting whatever. In a service and product industry where your competitors go far and beyond to gain a customer's satisfaction this is so subpar and shameful. I've requested a supervisor/manager and that seems to be something you're not willing to do either. I will have to look at putting in a dispute with my credit card. I will also be putting in a brutally honest negative review. You could have won a repeat customer in that you were one only a few that delivered to Canada and I have a lot of family there that I'm always looking to send gifts to but instead you've lost this customer. Customer service and customer recovery goes a long way. Unfortunately that is something you don't understand.

Not what was ordered

I do appreciate that an arrangement of plants were delivered. It was supposed to be a herb garden. It was not. It was delivered 4 days late. Not good enough

Plant arrived dead!

I am extremely disappointed with the Basic Herb Garden. Not only did it arrive 5 days late due to an error from the New York Blooms but the herbs in the garden are either dead or so wilted they will not survive. I have been emailing one of your customer service reps and all I've been told is sorry, be patient, it will arrive. Nothing has been done to remedy the situation. The Herb Garden arrived with dead plants!!!

Did not get what was ordered

Ordered a herb garden but got something completely different.

Didn’t get what I ordered - unable to get help

They sent a completely different plant than ordered and two emails I tried to send for help bounced back. Unable to get help to resolve the issue. Will not sure this service again.