Emerald Lush Yucca Plant

  • The Emerald Lush Yucca Plant is perfect as a housewarming gift or even as an accessory at your office or home. A great way to add some green to your space, the Yucca is a tough plant that can be grown both indoors and outdoors.

  • This plant comes in a standard planter with a perforated base. If you wish, you can add any wine, champagne, beer, liquor or gourmet gifts from our list of add-ons to this gift. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Total crap!!!

The order was not filled properly or on time. Garbage! I’ll never order with you again!!

Wrong item sent

I ordered a lavender plant for a friend who’s grandmother passed away because it was a special thing for her. Instead, a lesser value plant was sent. It arrived later than scheduled. I contacted the company to atleast get a refund for the difference since the plant they picked was significantly less, and they were not helpful and unprofessional. I won’t be ordering from this company ever again!


Delivered to the wrong state and I have not been able to get ahold of anyone in customer service to help me.

It wasn’t lavender

We ordered lavender. We paid for lavender. We got succulents. That’s why I don’t like buying ANY flowers unless I choose them myself in person and walk out with them in my hand. Otherwise you pay sixty bucks (or whatever) for a $15 plant and the recipient gets a $5 plant.

Wrong Item Delivered

Wrong item in my order and delivered to the wrong address. For 3 days, we tried to find out where the order was delivered. We were told to talk to UPS cargo for information. we did not ship the order by UPS. responsibility ups. It is for you to take the cargo and not produce solutions. I Do Not Consider Using Your Service.