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The Sourthern Living Gardenia Plant

  • The Southern Living Gardenia Plant will create joy, and it’s hard to disagree when that familiar Gardenia scent hits you. The Gardenia has been a favorite in the Southern U.S. for generations and their slender, light green leaves emerge in spring, before maturing to a glossy dark green.

  • This plant comes in a standard planter with a perforated base. If you wish, you can add any wine, champagne, beer, liquor or gourmet gifts from our list of add-ons to this gift.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Quinn Douglas
great plant and service

Only took 4 days from ordering to arrival, best packaged plant I've received from online so far (out of 5-6 vendors). Didn't have to deal with packing peanuts or fluff, it was neatly taped and protected. Came beautifully healthy and a decent size with. Love the cutie. Love the scent of gardenias.

Maryjane Long
really pleased

I received my plant today, and it is beyond what I had anticipated! It was shipped the same day I placed my order. Arrived quickly, and was packaged very well. It is a good size, beautiful and healthy, and came in a nice platter with a perforated base. I am in love. Exceptional site, highly recommended.

Jacky Cole
Beautiful plant

Gardenias are well known for their beautiful foliage and amazing fragrance. I ordered one of these for my office and it really makes me feel better and add to the positivity of the surroundings. Not only it makes the place attractive, but you also don't have to make a fuss about taking care of it. I have really come to love the plant.

Mathew Borer
Your professional service is appreciable

I ordered it for my mom who lives in Toronto. It was a simple gift but she liked it. She told me the plant was healthy, fresh and adorable. The fact that you guys got it delivered so quick really impressed me. I would recommend you to my folks.