The Sourthern Living Gardenia Plant

  • The Southern Living Gardenia Plant will create joy, and it’s hard to disagree when that familiar Gardenia scent hits you. The Gardenia has been a favorite in the Southern U.S. for generations and their slender, light green leaves emerge in spring, before maturing to a glossy dark green.

  • This plant comes in a standard planter with a perforated base. If you wish, you can add any wine, champagne, beer, liquor or gourmet gifts from our list of add-ons to this gift.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
I would review this plant but they sent me the wrong one

I ordered this plant and instead I received a red anthurium. New York Blooms never called and told me they weren’t sending the plant I ordered and they were impossible to get a hold of when I called about my order. I ordered five plants and they sent me only one of what I asked for.

They sent an aloe plant instead of a gardenia

I understand that the product won’t look exactly like the photo, but this plant was not what was ordered. To replace it with a lesser and cheaper priced product is very disappointing. If I wanted to give my mother an aloe plant, I wouldn’t bought one myself for $10 at the corner store.

Horrible customer service

I ordered a gardenia plant over a month ago for delivery the next week. A month later and I have still not received my plant, it's lost in the mail and is most likely dead. Toronto blooms refuses to issue me a refund claiming they simply can't issue a refund. This is a complete lie and they are not taking responsibility. I paid over $50 I have not received my product, give me my money back already! Absolutely disgusting service.


They sent me instead a red Anthurium and said that it's COVID's fault because the gardenia was out of stock so they just made a substitution without asking me.
I have been trying to find a Gardenia plant for months and the other garden centres and flower shops just cancel your order and say sorry they don't have it, but these people decided that they would like my money more than they like fair business practices so they sent me a substitution that looks NOTHING like the original plant. Like I would have understood if they had sent a Jasmine or something. I would have thought they don't have it but they're trying to be as helpful as they can. Even some random white flowers would have been better that an Anthurium, which is actually quite cheaper than a Gardenia (and yes, they charged me in full for a Gardenia. There is not a single thing they did right here)

Very bad service

Had trouble with delivery of the item i chose, would not buy any of your products or recommend your service to anyone!