The Basic Herb Garden

  • Who doesn't love to have a pot of fresh herbs in their kitchen or balcony to reach out to when they are cooking? Gift your loved ones The Basic Herb Garden from Toronto Blooms which consists of all the essential herbs curated in a picturesque tin planter. Perfect for small spaces, this gift is sure to be a hit especially with the food lover in your life.

  • This herb garden consists of basil, mint and parsley plants that come in a tin planter. If you wish, you can add any wine, champagne, beer, liquor or gourmet gifts from our list of add-ons to this gift. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Extremely disappointing

I am very disappointed in this gift purchase. I bought herbs for my elderly uncle who likes to cook. I would have canceled my order had I known he would not receive herbs. I paid $20 extra so it would arrive in time for Christmas. It never came and when it arrived two weeks late he got three bamboo plants. The whole point was to give him herbs for cooking so although the plants were pretty they were not what I wanted and he has no space for them in his NYC apartment. First I should have been contacted about the supplier’s lack of herbs so I could make a decision about whether to cancel. I have been in correspondence with the company several times and they will not refund the expedited shipping fee. I understand mail is slow right now but given that it did not arrive I should not have to pay the expedited shipping fee. I know these are hard times but this was an overall very negative experience.

Delayed and incomplete order delivered. Still no satisfaction from my open ticket.

I have an open ticket for my order #NYB735998. My items arrived 12 days after the delivery date. Herbs were dying and pots they were in were all broken and the chocolate covered strawberries were not included even though i paid in full for all of it.
Do bots answer your customer service inquiries? I’ve submitted pictures and responded to questions several times to no avail or conclusion. It’s a shame because i chose your service due to a perfect service experience just one month prior. I am waiting on resolution or i will submit my claim to my credit card company and get a full refund.

Looked nothing like the picture

We were very disappointed that the ‘herb garden’ received looked nothing like the picture and was just the one herb shaped in a Christmas tree. I understand this would be a seasonal product but still expected it to look similar just with some different herbs.


Don’t use this service - didn’t deliver what I ordered and sent me a copy of the terms and conditions when I contacted them. They don’t want repeat business!

They substituted my product with anyother

I had ordered a basic herb garden as a gift, and they received a rosemary tree instead. With no label as to what it was.