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The Secret Garden Box

  • The Secret Garden Box is a lovely miniature tabletop garden with different potted plants beautifully arranged in a wooden planter that brings the beauty of nature indoors. With a variety of potted plants, this arrangement is a unique and stunning gift you can send to someone you would like or give yourself. You may further customize this gift by adding on items like wine, champagne, chocolate, or plush toys from our extensive selection.

  • This arrangement includes an assortment of potted plants like mini roses and tropical plants arranged in a wooden box planter. Please note: Our flowers and potted plants are based on seasonal availability and may be subject to substitution. If you wish, you can add any wine, champagne, beer, liquor or gourmet gifts from our list of add-ons to this gift.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
RJ Eileen

I ordered a flower gift basket for my Grandmother's 88th Birthday. I chose the regular shipping method that was on the site because it was potted plants so I figured it would be fine. Also, I thought because they offered that type of shipping for this particular gift it must be fine. THAT WAS NOT THE CASE! All the flowers arrived ( within a week of ordering) DEAD! I paid over $100 to send DEAD FLOWERS.
I tried calling them to discuss this issue, hoping to figure something out because this was obviously not how the company would want their product received. However, you cannot talk to an actual person using their phone system, instead it makes you leave a message. I left a message and then tried to follow that up with an email. The email was immediately bounced back because their inbox was full. I HAVE NEVER EVEN HEARD OF THAT HAPPENING! Obviously they have hundreds of other emails from dissatisfied customers. I continued to attempt to contact them for over 2 weeks and they finally sent me an email saying basically "You should have paid more for shipping". WHY WOULD YOU EVEN OFFER THAT WITH THAT SHIPPING RATE? They said that it is clearly stated in the FAQ's, but I went back and no where does it actually warn you this could happen on the main ordering page. This is horrible customer service! Especially now when often ordering gifts like this is the only way we can celebrate our loved ones during Covid and this is the way they go about it? I live in America and I am currently separated from my family and I was hoping to continually use this service to send gifts to my family since often shipping from America is difficult, but I WILL NEVER ORDER from them again. I have NEVER been so disappointed in a service in my entire life.

Melvin Morse
Still good.

Flowers arrived in fantastic condition. They still look stunning now. Would highly recommend``

Zdravko Javor
Want to get ripped off? Order here!

Sent me a completely different item not even similiar to what I ordered. Extra items I ordered were not included. 2 weeks late for Mothers day. Zero response from customer service.

Horrible company

Flowers arrived dead. No emails responded to for over 2 weeks. Waiting on refund. You there Hazelton’s???

Arrived late, smashed and wrong with no response to the issues experienced in over a week!

this was a mothers day gift ordered a week prior and not only did it arrived 4 days late(which normally wouldn't be an issue considering the state of the world right now but combined with everything else the lateness doesn't help the situation), it was completely unrecognizably smashed, the pieces that were left looked to have been the wrong item all together. This is the first time I've had any issue with the company and my family uses Hazelton's all the time (well....did use them all the time until now). I sent off a ticket to customer service over a week ago to no avail. I've also left a voicemail and tried the online chat....Nothing has come from this. This entire experience has made it seem like I was the unorganized and thoughtless one. This is absolutely unacceptable and until this issue is resolved, this review will stand. I strongly recommend that no one use Hazelton's as if there is any issue with your package, it will certainly go unaddressed. Hazelton's, contact me ASAP!