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Dissatisfied with the quality of the items in the gift basket (paid $450/-). The customer service was great but delivery was bad. The fruits were spoilt, the champagne choice we paid for was not delivered

The “shell” is totally different from the pix

I ordered this set because of the shell look of the case that holds the plant. It turned out to be a normal case. And the plant looks unhealthy with one type less than what is displayed in the pix. Disappointing !

Premium St. Remy BroCrate

Not what I expected

It was supposed to be a unisex basket. It was all boys toys with a huge blue bow. Non of the items matched the basket. The lamb was a wolf and the plate set was 6 diapers. Not happy at all-Contacted costumer service, they indicated “ The blue ribbon was purely coincidental as we wrapped every gift that day in a blue bow. Substitutions are actually quite common within the gifting and gift basket industry, as products are constantly changing on an ongoing basis after product details and photos have been published. Some items may be temporarily unavailable due to various reasons beyond our immediate control, under which circumstances we reserve the right to substitute such items with similar products of equal or greater value to ensure that orders are delivered in a timely manner without incurring further delays. Degrees of substitution may vary. In some rare instances, the entire contents of an order may be substituted.”
Good to know for next time that 6 diapers cost the same amount as the package.

Well Received by Recipient

Purchased as a bridal gift for the bride just before her big day. While there wasn't much of a presentation (each component was individually packaged for protection which makes sense), it was very well received by the recipient. When unable to gift in person, this is a nice alternative.

Coffee & Macaroons Basket
Unhappy Customer
Very disappointed

The Order instructions were not followed and thus the delivery was not made. This could’ve been easily avoided by the vendor by making a 30 second phone call. Instead a special occasion was ruined. The vendor didn’t apologize nor give a full refund. Very disappointing experience!

Terrible service

It was not received and I will never use your service again or recommend you. Very disappointed and upset

Excellent service!

Product was delivered as requested. Great Quality and really great customer service!

We still havent received the Whiskey

We are still awaiting the whiskey. The crate has arrived on Friday but still awaiting the whiskey which was even upgraded. Please sort this out.

Unable to fix shipping address issue

The basket is lovely as usual, however immediately when I placed the order it defaulted shipping to my billing address instead of the recipients address. I immediately called the toll free number three times in quick succession to hear that no one was available to answer and I could receive a call back. Never received a call back and the basket was sent to my home. I had to deliver the basket myself days later, spoiling the surprise and with the worry that it’s contents wouldn’t be fresh.
Zero stars for customer service, averaged out to 2 stars as the baskets themselves are always amazing.
But I won’t order again.

The Birthday Cake
Ivy Allen
Horrible customer service

I wish I could give 0 stars. I guess I should have looked at the reviews first, because I echo everything I am reading. I ordered a cake and bottle of wine with next day delivery to be delivered for a friend's birthday. The courier was unable to locate the address even though I left contact information for my recipient. When I reached out to the courier (a third party) they informed me that their couriers do not call recipients and they could not reattempt delivery until TUESDAY (this was Friday). I informed them it was a cake and perishable, they did not care. The cake did not even mention it was a cake/perishable on the package. I understand the courier is not the same company, but Hazelton's should ensure that their couriers have protocols for holding food and delivering it properly and safely! I reached out to Hazelton's about this, and again was told there was nothing they could do until the cake was delivered. Well, the photo is of the cake that my friend received 5 DAYS AFTER her birthday, that had been sitting in a warehouse all weekend. When I reached out to Hazelton's I received a very generic message, not really caring, but at least saying they would refund the cake. I then reached out to ensure the delivery charge would also be refunded - because I paid for next day shipping.... they said no. The delivery was only $12 but out of principal, if I paid for next day shipping and this is what I got, 5 days later, I feel this should be a no brainer to refund. I never write reviews, but everything about this experience has upset me. I was looking forward to surprising my friend with a nice birthday cake, and she received a destroyed, inedible mess, 5 days later at that. DO NOT USE HAZELTON's.

Need a real tracking system.

I ordered this for my daughter’s 21st birthday. I put in the delivery date and website said it was a 1 business day delivery time (Boston). Then i received 3 different ways to track it. One said “in transit” one said it would be delivered 3 days after her birthday and the other said it would be delivered 4 days after her birthday. I chatted with customer service 2 days before her birthday. Person said wait 24 hours for updates, it might still be delivered on time. A day before her birthday nothing had changed and i ordered her flowers from 1800 flowers because i knew i could trust they would get there when they said they would, on her birthday. Then the New York blooms did get there on her birthday. She sent me a picture. It was a very nice arrangement and basket but some of the flowers especially the roses got visibly damaged in transit. I will not be ordering again.

My husband loved it!!

I purchased the crate for my husbands birthday and it arrived on time, the packaging was beautiful as well. He so loved it :D Thank you!!!

The Delish Goodies Basket
Karen Chisholm
3 stars

This was a wedding gift for my friend. What drew me to this hamper was the pears and how beautifully decorated and how bridal they looked. However the pears she received where covered in multi coloured sprinkles, which was not how the pears were advertised. I was disappointed.

Baby Gift Basket

A very good selection. The ease of ordering, and the ability to customize the basket was very helpful. Delivery was as promised, and the final product was presented as depicted online.


We send a crate to my father one day before his birthday and it managed to get there on time with regular shipping. The package looked good and he was very happy!

Red Velvet Cake
Fong Ho Angela Fuego Hon
Delicious cake, and not too sweet

It's not often we would eat a red velvet cake, but seeing it's my mum's 80th birthday, I ordered this for her. She said it's delicious, and it's not too sweet, which is exactly how she likes her cakes. Plus, the cake looks beautiful too.

Delish Appetizers Gift Basket
Fong Ho Angela Fuego Hon
Mum loved it!

I ordered this for my mum's 80th birthday. This basket has a good variety of snacks and gourmet items, but I added extra items so there's an even better variety, as my mum likes to snack while watching TV. She was absolutely surprised and thrilled when it was delivered. The basket was very nicely packaged, it looked superb!

Corona and Sunshine Gift Basket

Nice birthday gift for my I heard he liked Corona. Not many places have this type of basket with Corona beer....Delivery was on time.... :-)

Cheers to Hazelton's

Thxxx for the super delivery on time, amazing!

had the desired effect

sent to my brother for his birthday, sadly each year i seem to miss sending the card, so this year thought make up for my uselessness , he loved it, and his wife loves the box too, now a footstall, all happy thank you

great Kosher basket

great presentation,fresh product and shipped on time,what else can you ask for

Good experience

Unlike the US site which is absolutely the worst. The Canadian site can be counted on to deliver on time and most if not all the items requested. This time was no exception. The added gin i requested was included. Only issue is that i asked for cupcakes but they delivered muffins. Not a huge deal considering that everything else appeared to be correct. I will use them again.

Excellent service.

Great selections, easy to navigate site.