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Horrible Disappointment - far from same day delivery

My experience with Hazelton’s product and customer service was the worst online experience I’ve had- by far! I ordered a ‘fresh cheese’ and wine duo for my parents 50th wedding Anniversary, I was under the understanding it was same day delivery, not only was it not the same day, but was ordered on a Fri (before 2pm like is stated) but was not delivered until Mon which would have been a disappointment but “acceptable” however the package was not refrigerated during transit and it arrived with mushy / watery packages of cheese and rotten chocolate covered strawberries. (Which were an add optional add on - and still not shipped in temp controlled conditions). I was horribly embarrassed to ever send a gift to anyone that would arrive like that. Three attempts to contact customer service, were useless and I was told they would not reimburse me for the purchase, it was in tern my fault for not purchasing expedited delivery... which I though I was already getting same day.... warning to all - same day does not mean same day— their advertising as follows in completely misleading “ Ground Service® Delivery to businesses by 5 pm and residences by 8 pm. Ordering deadline: 2 pm today. Typical (Not Guaranteed) delivery time (1 Business Days)”.
Buyer beware, Do not order from Hazeltons.

Birthday cake

Cake delivered to my fiance was half spoiled. There was no happy birthday message on the cake. How can you deliver birthday cake with so much irresponsibility?? Absolutely annoyed with your service. This is the first time I ordered & looking at your service, I am not ordering any cake again.

Very late delivery and bad customer service

The payment we made was for 4-hour rush special delivery for a birthday cake surprise, expecting that the delivery will not be late at all. However, the cake delivery arrived for more than 2 hours from the regular delivery window which where between 12:00 pm to 06:00 pm. Take note that from the website and from the app, they tell the customers that the delivery starts from 10:00 am but the customer service officer said it starts at 12:00 pm. The customer service officer was even on a bad temper when I tried following up and she added that we have to be patient and understand that they have loads of orders to deliver in different locations. But frankly, it's not even my concern since I paid for special 4-hour rush delivery. What's the point of paying extra if they don't deliver as promised, right?! so we will never order from this company and will never recommended to any friends because they cheat customers, late delivery and had a very bad experience with their customer service officer.

So disappointing :Champagne and chocolate dipped strawberries

I thought this would be a great idea for my clients 60th anniversary. When it arrived the plates were broken and my client cut his hand in it. The chocolates were covered in glass and the were not chocolate covered strawberries. When we phoned to tell them what had happened they said they were mortified but are doing nothing but sending them new glass plates. Which is ridiculous since they can’t even eat the chocolates since they were covered in shards ofglass. I would never order from his place again. I was completed disappointed and the service and outcome.

Terrible - Late & Rotten Fruit

Delivered a day late, with rotten fruit, this Hazelton’s basket was a complete disappointment. Worst of all, the company did nothing to redress the errors. I will never order from them again.

Fruit should be REQUIRED to be sent 1- or 2-day mail. All fruit in my gift arrived rotten and had to be discarded. I did;t realize delivery would take so many days.


I was not happy with the substitutions.

Not rare or exclusive...

First point is maybe my fault, but I thought it was 4 DIFFERENT bottles of 'rare & exclusive beer' in each package, not 4 of the same... Second point, the first shipment of beers I've received aren't rare or exclusive at all, they're a regular IPA on their bottle/taproom list, which we've already visited & tried. For the price, I was hoping to get cask editions or things I can't find myself for way less. Yet, do note I haven't received my 3 other orders, really hoping they're more 'rare & exclusive'.


Delivered four days late. I was supposed to get a shipping confirmation once the basket was sent. After the gift being late I emailed the customer service department asking for an update on the status of my order. All I received was a shipping confirmation dated and timed for 10 minutes after my initial email was sent, leading me to conclude they completely forgot to ship my order. Not happy at all.

Terrible service; blamed the customer; not what we expected--NEVER USE!!

Never order from them again! I was a repeat customer and my order was much smaller than pictured and was completely inedible, completely melted. I called customer service and they wanted pictures of what it looked like, and after I did hey said it didn't matter anyway. There was no saying they were sorry or refund or even small token of apology; it was it's your fault as in the fine print Hazelton's claims no responsibility for damaged fragile goods. I delivered chocolate strawberries to a friend who recently had a tragedy befall her, and lives in Florida, and the package was left out in the hot sun all day with not even a ring or knock on the door to let her know it's arrived. I can not believe that there was no attempt to remedy this situation. There are so many good , decent companies to deliver future gifts ; why would I ever bother with a company that refuses to accept responsibility and blames the customer!!!

The gift was not kosher

The wine included was not what I had selected and paid for. Even worse it was not kosher!!

Hampered ruined

I ordered a hamper for my sister to celebrate her wedding. The flowers were dead and the cake was mush when they arrived.

Gift Basket

My sister was thrilled with the basket!

Exceptional presentation

Chocolate and wine basket presentation was excellent and items included were of fine quality but the basket was a gift and the four page receipt came rolled up in the bow on top of the basket indicating the pricing of the gift. Also some of the wine I thought I was choosing to be included were substituted with other wines from the regain. Not sure if the choice is supposed to be specific or just from the region but I was surprised that the wines weren't exactly what I indicated. Maybe I missed the explanation on the website. Overall great experience.

worst delivery company

They delivered the flowers dries, smashed and two days late in a tacky small basket completely different to what I ordered. Scamers.

Worst experience ever

I ordered a gift for friends who were staying in Nashville. When you check out you get to select a delivery date, which I selected 8/30/2019. Then I get a “shipped” notification that it is expected to arrive 9/3 (after they leave). I contacted customer support and he said even though I selected a delivery date... it still takes 2 business days and since it was over Labor Day weekend... it wouldn’t arrive till 9/3. Ummmm then why do they allow you to select a delivery date!? And then it still didn’t arrive until 9/4. I highly recommend using another company for your gift services if you have any time constraints. The customer service was completely useless and not empathetic in the least.

Horrible experience

I purchased the Champagne Basket which includes fruit for $180. As a 1st purchase from this site and I had high hopes. The Thursday order arrived on a Tuesday following a holiday. The fruit was rotted and had liquified. Due to the moisture everything was destroyed with the exception of the champagne that cost an additional $80. I submitted a complaint to customer service and the basis response was my fault for not reading all the disclaimers and paying for expedited shipping. The company knew the items would not ship well. It was not packed in dry ice, the fruit wasn't individually wrapped . The company could limit shipping of fresh items or require expedited shipping - that I would have paid. I paid a fair significant amount for a total disappointment. The company did not refund a single dollar. I would leave zero stars if I had the option. I will NEVER MAKE ANOTHER PURCHASE FROM HAZELTON'S!

Worst online shopping experience ever

I ordered a basket for my friends birthday. She was staying out of town. The order process allows you to select a delivery date and then you select a shipping method. When the order confirmation generates it shows the delivery date as the date you selected, but once the tracking info is sent it shows the real date. The package wasn’t delivered until a week after my friend left. Not only was this very disheartening, but the basket had wine and chocolates. Who sends those items, in the summer, with a 6 day delivery method! So, I tried rerouting it. Hazelton did nothing to help. I tried cancelling. Hazelton did nothing to help. Their customer service department was not sympathetic in the least to my situation and respond with a blanket statement, “per the terms and conditions of our website...”....I spent $100 on a basket that never got to my friend and a stranger ended up receiving. If I could give them zero stars I would. Their shipping process is extremely deceiving to a consumer and they should be ashamed to do business this way! Why would they even ask what date you want you order to be delivered, but not link it to the shipping method?! It absurd. BEWARE OF ALL ORDER DETAILS WHEN ORDERING!!!

Perfect beer lover gift

So glad I found this site. Perfect gift for the guy or gal that has everything. Delivered flawlessly on time. My boyfriend couldn't wait to sample his beers in the different glasses. And of course, he loved the crate it came in.

excellent customer service

The person with whom I dealt over the phone provided excellent customer service including a follow-up phone call regarding a potential addition to the order.
The person who received the basket said it was just beautiful.
Delivery was on time and they placed the basket as directed. I appreciated the emails to advise of delivery.

awful service

awful service, would not respond to my emails or calls horrible customer service. then the delivery man made me walk around the block over and over to find him because he couldnt find parking. if this were a gift being delivered it would have been UNACCEPTABLE. will not be ordering again. disappointed

Solid Company

Was great service, great selection and super pleased with this service!
Loved the tracking and the recipient loved the gift!


The absolute worst company I have ever dealt with. Buyer beware. This company is dangerous.

They don't send what they display on the website

Pretty disappointed that instead of the items shown on the website the actual delivery contained different items. Jack Daniels whiskey chocolate was replaced by Boss chocolate, kettle chips replaced by tortilla chips, the English cheese replaced by Mariner crackers, they sent a different brand of spices. The rustic crate shown on the website was missing. Except for Jack Daniels whiskey bottle everything else was replaced by a cheaper item. And when I wrote to the customer care team they responded saying it's mentioned in their T&C that they can replace any item. I understand maybe 1 item being replaced due to unavailability, but not the entire shipment and what's unacceptable is I wasn't being notified about it at all until the actual shipment was delivered. You guys suck!

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