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Over One Week Late

As I write this, the package I ordered has still not been delivered. I ordered perishable items (this green tray with grapes and apples plus chocolate covered strawberries) for a special event. The website promised delivery "usually within 1 business day." It has now been 5 business and 2 weekend days and the items are still showing as in "pre-transit." I tried to cancel and ask for a refund a soon as I found out the fruit would not be delivered in one or two business days, but the customer service person said I had not paid for expedited shipping so I could not cancel. The website and all the communication I received said delivery usually in 1 business day -- it did not say I needed to ask for expedited shipping to get my order there when I needed it. I am so disappointed, My clients have still not receive the baskets, and I now have to go through my credit card company to battle this company for my money back.

False - Deceptive - Unethical

Did not fulfill order as shown. 40% of order were duplicates or more. Then claim it is within their rights to send anything they choose. I would not recommend them.

Very impressed and i was very happy

My wife went on a trip to Montreal with some girlfriends and the place they stayed at did not provide what I wanted.I used your service and was treated great over the phone and very helpful staff. My wife and friends were very surprised and very impressed, your staff made me look like I knew what I was doing and on time
Thank you

Nice flowers - not as depicted

I ordered this for my sister and while the flowers were fresh and beautiful, the box it came in was nothing like the one depicted and I was a bit disappointed in the container choice.

Got cookies instead of macarons

Ordered these macarons and instead I got 14 coconut cookies. Emailed them about it and they told me substitutions are allowed and they won’t go anything!!! Stay well away from this company. It’s a scam! Check trust pilot and you’ll see what they advertise and what you pay for is not what you get!

Understandable but still disappointing

Our order was a gift on Mother's Day. It is understandable that flowers were short in stock on that special day. However, as the title of the order specified ORCHIDS, ROSES, AND KALANCHOE, I expected that it would turned out a colourful flower basket regardless of the flower type. When my mum received the order, sent me a photo, and asked if the order was a gift from us, I said no without hesitation, because it wasn't a flower basket to me. It did include the potted orchids, which is plain white; the other two are potted Aloe and a kind of succulent plant. Including the gift message card, the entire order was all green and white. It could be a decent basket for deco, but it wasn't really a delightful basket to see for a Mother's day celebration.

It was fine but was late and not what was ordered

I ordered a specific balloon add on and got a generic one instead. And the delivery date was 4 days late, sitting somewhere in transit, which isn't ideal for a fruit basket that was no longer fresh.

Happy birthday motto

Happy birthday love

Vintage Wine Trio
Cassandra Jeffery
Poor Customer Service

Unfortunately, I didn't have the best experience with this company. I ordered a wine package to be sent to a family member in Ontario. The package arrived severely damaged, including a broken wine bottle, damaged cheese, and a broken gift box. It's understandable that these things happen, so I cordially requested that these damaged goods be replaced. The customer service folks agreed to replace the damaged goods, but were reluctant to send me the original bottles of wine I had requested. When questioned about why they would not send me the original bottles I had requested, they said something along the lines of, "we can't guarantee things are in stock." Mmm, well, maybe don't put it on your website then....After respectfully pointing out the obvious, a customer service manager sent a passive-aggressive email about Terms and Conditions....not great....might be easier to work with the customers to find a solution in the future, especially when they're respectful and understanding.

Custom Gourmet Gift Baskets
Laureen Gilbrook
Fast delivery

I live in Saskatchewan but wanted to send something to my Mom, in London Ontario, for her birthday. I decided by ordering from a business close to her, it would arrive on her birthday. It did! I liked the fact that I could customize the basket with what I thought she would like. I asked her about the basket, she said that the way it was wrapped wasn't very nice. It looked like saran wrap around the basket and 2 large cardboard tags covering the front and back. However, she said once she got the wrapping off, it was alot nicer. She was very surprised and happy. If it hadn't been for the wrapping, I would have given 4 stars.

NEVER AGAIN! Paid for rotten fruit and dead flowers

When I received my order it looked nothing like the picture! Not even close!!!!!! I could smell the rot from outside the box. The grapes were scattered everywhere. Flowers were brown and broken. I will never get anything from here again. False advertisement. Poorly put together. This place is a scam. They almost didn’t give me a refund but when I did get it I only got $22 out of a $120 order!!!!!!!! Never never never again!!

The Rustic Meat and Cheese Gift Crate
Fatima Andrea Garcia vera
Incomplete product and terrible service

The product I order it wasn’t what I received, instead of salami and cheese they put cookies and chocolate, they use false advertising and when you email them for an explanation the answer you with a condescending tone and they do not give you any solution,
Never again.


Description - The description says chocolate dipped strawberry, however what arrived was chocolates that looked like strawberries.
Delivery - The package arrived late by 3 business/5days, kale decor was yellow when arrived. Contacted customer service for the delay on multiple occasions to only get the same, “sorry not our issue that’s the carrier response”.

The Cake Was Never Delivered / Not Refunded

The cake was never delivered to the birthday person and a note or nothing was left for the recipient. I called and never received a call back after leaving a message. I then sent an email and finally received a response that the delivery was attempted and recipient was "We attempted to deliver your order but discovered that the address provided appears to be either incorrect or incomplete (no unit number), the delivery person even tried calling and buzzed the recipient, but the recipient was not available, thus rendering the delivery unsuccessful. My Question: How did you buzz the recipient if you had an incorrect or incomplete address?

And now you want a re-delivery fee for sending the cake again.

Her birthday has passed and still no cake. :(


I live in the UK, ordered $200 gift set for Aunty's 90 birthday in Midland Ontario. Gift set arrived with balloon and 4 cupcakes damaged. Left 5 telephone messages, 6 emails. No one will ring me back or investigate.They are disputing my claim because my Aunty and Care Home staff only took photo of balloon! Hazletons are the most uncaring, unhelpful and unprofessional Company I have ever dealt with.

I ordered 2 bottles of wine and a champagne bucket. They shipped the wine but substituted ( without) my knowledge) a wooden box in place of the bucket. The box, which I didn’t want, was broken in several pieces on arrival. It took 3 emails to get someone to respond. Then they said they would refund I/2 the price. If the total bucket price is not refunded they will here back from me only much louder and clearer

The Nuts & Beer Gift Box
Rosemary Brown
Missing items in gift

Ordered the beer and nuts gift box. Even though it said I could pick the beers, the option never came up when ordering. When the item was delivered, it was an empty box under the four beers. Someone forgot to include the nuts and no one checked the box prior to delivery.

Top Quality

Very happy with my selection at Yorkvilles. The box of chocolates were amazing and the service from beginning to end was very professional and offered fast shipping. Would certainly use them again.

Slightly disappointed in "custom" basket.

The wine selection and shipping were great, however, I ordered a custom basket and specified a variety of nuts, olives, tea, biscotti, etc. to ship with it. None of these were shipped. Instead, chocolate was substituted for all of them. I can understand running low on stock for some items and substituting, but all? I feel I should have been notified if my selections were unavailable. Especially since the recipient does not like chocolate.

Part of order never received

The main basket was charming. But I added a cakelet for my brother's birthday and it never came to him. I emailed customer service and did not get a reply. Rather disappointed.

Would not order again

First, getting through to customer service is a nightmare and if you chat them, you'll just get one pre-written response after another. The order wasn't delivered on time and the pot that the flowers came in was hideous. It was supposed to be a pretty box. Overall so upset. Next time I'll plan farther ahead and use a local company. Shame on me for not doing so this time and wasting quite a bit of money on a subpar gift.

The most terrible experience ever

I ordered the Love of my Life Flowers and Champagne Gift as a birthday present for my husband. I indicated that the delivery should be on 5/27. The same day I ordered the gift I received an email saying it had shipped. I tried to contact your customer service to state that it shouldn't be delivered until 5/27. I couldn't get through, left a voice mail and never received a return call. The gift was delivered and when opened was not what I ordered and the card inside was to somebody else and the shipping address was to a different address (not mine). Again I tried to contact customer support to no avail. I emailed and then had approximately 10 back and forth emails with someone in customer support continually asking me to send pictures of what I received. I sent everything asked for, provided my order ID along with the confirmation order which outlined what I had ordered. Finally after a full day an one half of going back and forth they said a new package would be sent out. The new package arrived on 5/20 still a full seven days earlier than what I had requested. I WILL NEVER, NEVER ORDER FROM YOUR COMPANY AGAIN, NOR WILL I EVER RECCOMMEND YOUR COMPANY TO FRIENDS AND/OR FAMILY.

Bad customer service and product

Super bad customer service. I ordered for my sister and wrote her a heartfelt message. For confirmation they sent me mail and the message was incorrect so I rectified and told the team to update, they confirmed on mail that they will update, and guess what when my sister got the strawberries the message was again wrong and random alphabets. Also the cherries were hard and dry n taster bad she told me. And when reached out to team, they dint bother apologising rather acted indifferent and rude. Pathetic product pathetic service.

Large Strawberry Cheesecake
Sally Mcclelland
Five stars

Five stars for the sttrawberry cheesecake in the picture; as for the actual delivery a five star disaster- mashed cake by the delivery service. 5 stars for an elderly lady who couldnt take pictures of the mashed mess which arrived!!
5 stats are all youre getting hazeltons cause I am not ordering from you again

Top customer service & beautiful orchid

When placing the order I put the address wrong and the customer service team helped me correct it in no time. The orchid was not only beautiful but delivered on time.