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Custom Birthday Gift Baskets
Solange desrochers
Order was completely wrong

Quite literally every item I selected and paid for was not there. I suspect they delivered someone else's basket. The items were not nearly as nice as the ones I purchased as well. It was also delivered late so all in all not a very good experience.


I only rated 5 stars so they would put this on their site. This company is a scam and they will take your money.

Zero stars- do not subscribe

The Gift Company runs this subscription. My crate of bottled “craft” beer and specialty cheese was a cardboard box of bottom of the line garbage cheese and cans of all of the same non-craft beer available at the LCBO.

In trying to resolve the issue, they continually referred to me as a Jane Smith and insisted I pay to have the box of garbage Returned to them or I wouldn’t receive a refund.

It is a scam, like everything The Gift Company touches.


On June 8, I purchased a surprise birthday hamper for my friend in Toronto for delivery on June 13. On June 13, nothing was delivered within the allocated time. My friend got a call from an unknown number claiming that her gift had been delivered to the wrong address. The lady had opened my friend's hamper and used a couple of items (crackers and jam). Upon noticing this was not addressed to her - she called my friend and asked her to pick up her package (as i am based in England). Surprise ruined, my friend left to pick this up, however, as she left the driver who mixed up the parcels called and said he would collect and deliver to her. The parcel arrived really late and only half the items were thrown into a plastic bag, rather than displayed in a gift hamper, like i ordered. The birthday card, was a screwed up note on an a4 page, not a card. Some other items ordered were missing, or incorrect. The hamper included a fresh cake which had been opened by the other recipient, and had to be discarded due to COVID-19 - it also wasn't the cake i ordered. On contacting customer services to have this resolved, we were brushed off and told that they have a substitution policy - did not even receive an apology for the appalling service. I was also told that there is no problem with the service or product I received - the delivery mix up was completely ignored (despite COVID-19) and as I paid for 1-5 items, they were entitled to only put 1 of the 5 selected in. They failed to acknowledge they charged me for 5 items and fraudulently failed to deliver. Since this email I have been ignored by customer services (both via email and over the phone) and the matter has not been resolved. There is no customer service team post-order as the only number that goes through is the sales team, who take payment... ABSOLUTE CON!


It was my friend’s birthday and he loved beer so I thought the “beer for a year gift” was a good idea but it was WORST! First, I ordered June 3rd and my friend’s birthday is June 12th. Based on their website it will take 4-5 business days to be delivered, I thought 9 days was enough, but they scheduled the delivery on the 14th. I got an alert from UPS that the package was damaged, I told them that and said they will replaced it. Then that day based on the UPS tracking, the item got delivered. I doubled check with my friend, even with the surveillance cameras, it didn’t arrived. So I talked to UPS and found out that they put the wrong address on the package. They delivered it to a different address. I kept on emailing them, with the proof from UPS but they are not replying to me. It’s June 20th now, and my friend haven’t receive his gift. Lesson learned: NEVER BUY FROM THIS COMPANY!

Did not arrive on time, damaged product received

My order did not arrive on time or as expected to my recipients home. It arrived 4 days after it’s expected delivery date (a birthday), the wine was not the same as I ordered (shipped a red wine when ordered white), the flower was dying with petals all over the place, and the balloon was deflated. I’ll be using another flower delivery service from now on. Even better, I am in New York and so is my recipient and still had so many issues.

Terrible service and experience

I used this service to send a sample day corporate gift to an attorney helping our corporation. Not impressed at all.
- They advertise same day delivery if before the deadline in nyc, ordered Thursday morning and the delivery happened the next Thursday.
- the order was for a bottle of fine whiskey and some flowers and chocolates. Only the flowers ( In less than great shape after 5 days in transit) and chocolates got delivered.
- it is always embarrassing to ask the receipient of a gift for what they received but through some exchanges I realized that the bottle tar made for most of the cost did not get delivered.
- notified customer service and they asked me to get a picture from the receipient of what hey for, another embarrassing moment. ( that’s when I saw the shape of the flowers and was not at all impressed)
- instead of trying to resolve the issue customer service just refunded me for the bottle, I had to find another service on my own to correct this and not appear to rediculous with the person we weee intending to thank for a service.
Terrible service I would not recommend it to anyone.


My order was a birthday present, the cookie was completely falling apart and crumbled! The beer, was a joke, nor “craft” beer at all! Something we could have gotten at the local convenience store! Was watered down with little taste!! What a joke, will never order from this site!!

8 days later, still awaiting “Overnight Shipping”

Can’t review product, as still awaiting arrival 8 days later despite “Guaranteed Overnight Shipping”. I can understand there may be delays, but customer service has also been next to none-existent. No one has reached out to me & their phone system leads only to voice-mail when I call. No one has returned my calls. Still holding out hope that this may eventually get resolved, but currently out $250+ and no communication from the company.... Disappointed to say the least.

The Gentleman's BroCrate
Tiffany Morris

I thought the bottle would be Gentleman Jack as shown in the product photo, but it is not. It is Woodford Reserve. There was no ice cube squares or carrying sack included, and the greeting card was glued shut so it just ripped when dad opened it. The crate was a preassembled wine box, with fittings for two wine bottles - not fitted for the product(s) that came with the crate.

Chocolate Cake
Eliya Syed
Extremely poor service.

The cake was completely smashed when it was delivered. Really bad delivery service with no concern shown that it was a present for someone.

False Advertisement

Don’t buy from here! I paid for the Adventure basket but they sent a cheaper, completely different basket and due to their exchange policy they stated they have every right to do that. There goes $200 of my hard earned money.

If I could give no stars I would

Wife and kids ordered this for me for fathers day. They were so excited for me to open it up to literally find half of the items missing from the gift basket. Cutting board, knife set was missing, plus my favourite bottle of wine was replaced by some super cheap basic red wine, and top of not even getting the the jar of olives. Im actually super pissed that I found out they paid this much to get a piece of meat, cheese, dollar store crackers and a cheap bottle of wine. Legit filed a complaint about the missing items and all we asked was what we paid for and they said tough too bad. You can return it and ship at your own cost or ACCEPT THAT WE SUBSTITUTED ITEMS IN YOUR ORDER. Substitute my a** , just ripped my wife off you scammers

Broken Bottles

My colleague received their gift and all the bottles were broken. Bro rates is supposed to credit me $4.00…..REALLY? Brocrates told me to notify the shipping Co. (LaserShip) which I did and this is what I got:

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We have notified the delivery facility, addressed this delivery issue and have taken steps to make sure this does not occur in the future. We do apologize for the inconvenience that we have caused you. Please let us know if there is anything further with which we can assist. So nothing was really done, and I will never order from this company again!!

Let Them Eat Cake Wine Gift
Prashanth Penthala
Worst service

Cake was completely damaged and refund was not issued for the full amount, waste service, dont trust and go for other site

The Birthday Cake
A K M Shafiqur Rahman
Worst Delivery Service

They delivered the cake completely destroyed. I selected FedEx and they should ensure handling the box properly .

Missing Items, Rotten fruit, and Late Delivery

I ordered the Come One Come All gift basket for delivery on a Tuesday. It was not delivered until that Friday and was a disappointment. First, the basket was completely disheveled to the point that I had to open and redo. Upon opening I noticed that the wine was missing completely, as was some of the fruit and the tea. I received two apples, an orange, and a kiwi. The one peach that I received was completely rotten and had to be thrown away. Also, my succulent arrived in the wrong container and was smashed. Little to nothing in this basket was as advertised. I am so disappointed as this was for my boss’ birthday.

Terrible experience

Customer service was like talking to a robot! Although they confirmed a change I requested, they did not follow thru with it and used their substitution policy as an excuse - this is unacceptable. They should have honestly confirmed one way or the other and given me the opportunity to select alternatives. The delivered gift baskets weren't even consistent in their content and did not match the amount they were charging. Poor product, poor customer service and I will not use them again.

Huge beautiful fruit basket!

Welcomed with open arms a beautiful large fruit basket, such a nice surprise for our recipient!


The wine was wrong unfortunately

Custom Gift Crates For Men

Don’t ever buy anything of them. They don’t even care what they are going to deliver. Worst company ever!!!

Hazelnut Chocolate Cake
Sukhdeep Singh

I don't recommend to anyone to do online surprise for their near and dears because your services is very shit.

Delivery time

excellent customer service...
delivery time should be in the morning hours... please improve the delivery time.

Account Issues and wrong delivery address

Have had a good experience in the past, however this time I had a couple of issues and not sure if I'll purchase again.

Password reset doesn't work so I couldn't get in to replicate a past order. Opened new account, but same issue - later after I placed the order - I couldn't get into account to look at order and password reset sends email with link to Shop Now but then doesn't log you in to change password. I didn't hear back after leaving some messages.

Somehow either my error or settings during checkout, the basket was delivered to me instead of my friend who was supposed to receive it, and I had to go to local post office to express ship to them, out around $35 dollars. I didn't notice that the address was wrong on the order and nothing was triggered by the oddness of buying and delivering a basket to oneself, even the delivery instructions where clearly for someone else.

Wish that had been caught by customer service or that they had called back about the issue I was having with my account, especially since had I gotten into my account to check the order, I might have noticed that shipping and billing address were the same.

Pastel Dreams Mixed Rose Bouquet
Angelina Korotkova
Amazing experience

The flowers delivered to the correct address.
Flowers arrangement was different from the photo on the website.
Communication with customers is quick.
Advise to read terms and conditions