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Missing shipment

I'm writing this review because Hazelton's sent me an email asking to share feedback on the gift basket I ordered. I ordered a custom gift basket for my girlfriend's parents over a week ago, and I really can't comment on the quality of the basket because it was never actually received. There was an expected delivery date of Dec 12th. It is now December 14th, and the tracking info still shows it is just sitting in the Canpar Courier warehouse.

I've called Canpar, and I was told that they will "probably" receive the gift basket "by Christmas". Are you kidding me? It will take that long to deliver a gift basket from Surrey to Coquitlam?? Considering I ordered cheese and flowers in the gift basket, I can only imagine that they will be spoiled sitting in a warehouse for 3 weeks. Very disappointed in Hazelton's choice of courier. Is Canpar cheaper to use than the other couriers?

If the items in the basket are spoiled before the basket is actually received, then I guess that's a good waste of over $100.

Absolute horrendous company that ruins your special occasion!!

The company has failed me on two separate occasions.

1. Ordered a Thank you basket for someone and paid a premium for shipping but the delivery guy delivered the basket to the wrong address and the recipient had to go searching for the basket in his neighborhood as the company has outsourced shipping to some other vendor and they had no clue where the basket is at. Luckily the recipient found the basket with one of his neighbors and he was able to retrieve it.

2. Ordered a special anniversary basket and it never got delivered but i received a delivery confirmation from Hazeltons. Phoned them for a refund but they kept delaying it saying they have to open a claim with the shipping company and only then will they be able to refund the order. Have followed up twice but no one picks up the phone now and have left them voicemails as well but still no response. Ughhhhh

Absolutely avoid them at all costs as you might be tricked from the website but their delivery and customer service is virtually non-existent!!

Prompt efficient service

Delivered what was ordered when it was ordered and recipient said 'you are very kind.'

Quality product

Both my customers loved the baskets I ordered, but for me the ordering process was a bit of a hassle. Free shipping was definitely a bonus, will use again but this time just call in the orders.

Only if I had the option of taking away these stars from the page, worst service experience I had... I had ordered and paid for same delivery of items purchased whereas they were delivered after 3 days!!! WORST EXPERIENCE

Bad service

I scheduled my delivery for Dec 1st. It did not arrive until the 4th. I was never notified that it would be later than expected. Never given a reason why it was delayed. I had to call and find out what was happening. My call was clearly outsourced and I could barely understand who I was speaking with. Terrible customer service. I will never use your company again.


I ordered 3 different Baskets from here and I couldn't be more thrilled. To be able to customize your own basket is something every company should do! They have all arrived quickly and the customers LOVE them! Was an awesome and easy company gift idea. I will be using this company every year for sure! Thank you for your awesome service! :) Merry Christmas to you all!

It was OK

It was okay. Felt like I could've put together a better gift basket. The snacks were good, but the presentation was lame.

Ordered thursday evening... It did not show up till Thursday a week later... It was a surprise cake delivered to my friend, and she sent me a pictures of the caked smeared with icing all over the box.... Unimpressed considering the advertising seemed so elegant and capable of sending a cake to travel for delevery.... Will not be using Hazelton to send gifts to friends or family.

Unfortunate experience

Unfortunately, the busy holiday season was overwhelming the Hazeltons team, so a lot of mistakes in the shipment.

Can't Deliver

I placed the order, they shipped it via Canpar to the wrong address & tried everything to have it delivered to my address but for some reason they just could not fix their screw up.

my order was not delivered on time, it went to the wrong person, was broken and had the wrong message on the card even though I called two times in advance to verify they had the order correct.
not happy and cannot get customer service to pick up the phone

Vintage wine trio

It was a gift and recipients were thrilled with the gift box.Shopping with Hazelton's was easy and they have a great selection. Delivery to the west coast was fast & easy.Look forward to selecting my next order.

Delivery is already 2 days delayed

Not delivered and two days has passed no update from shipping - I have a van pat tracking which shows still in transit. I have ordered multiple baskets some got delivered on time and some has no updates. Disappointed

Our son and new daughter-in-law loved the gift board, arrived on time and they thought all the contents were amazing. Would definitely order again!

Pamela Venner

Y daughter and her husband were thrilled with thier custom basket. Delivered right on time. Will use this company again. you

wrong delivery

worst service by them, spend more than 80 dollars for a bouque as a birthday gift with some cakes and they delivered a small plant with cakes. when i complaint about this they just said we already delivered your gift basket thankyou. like seriously you can make people fool by sending a damaged plant for someone's birthday. bad and worst service by them

WARNING BEWARE. Worst customer service ever. In fact there is no customer service at all.

BEWARE!!! Worst customer service ever.
I ordered 6 gift baskets and spent over $700. 5 of the 6 baskets were shipped incorrectly. I ordered the wooden cart basket and they sent me this cheap wire bicycle basket. Whatever, simple mistake. So I called the company and nobody could help me. They asked me to send pictures of the baskets and email them to the manager. I did that in the morning. They ensured i would get a call back that day. Not a peep from anyone no call or email. I called 3 more times just before closing, and was on hold for over 20 minutes. Nobody ended up answering and i was just left hanging. I ordered well in advance and needed the baskets for a big event that i was putting on. They really screwed me royally and never called back to fix the issue. 0 on customer service. Spend your money else where.

Nice basket, poor delivery and snarky customer service

A "Next-day" delivery guarantee isn't worth much when the first available delivery date is four days hence and the online chat and email respondents at Hazelton's proved rude-to-inept in responding to my ensuing complaint. Perhaps others are willing to suffer this attitude; I'm not.

Looked less then the pic..

The box was a little lite on the fruit compared the the pic..

Where was the Glenfiddich?

I ordered a basket with Glenfiddich pictured in the online catalogue and nothing to the contrary in the description and my son indicated he received Weiser's rye, which he does not like. I called Hazelton and asked them why this happened via voicemail, and the call was never returned. Not great customer service.

Very very disappointing

Was recommended multiple times by peopl and got over 200 the fruit was either bad and or poor selection

Would not use this place sgain

Clients were happy

I ordered 9 gift baskets for various clients and have so far received reviews from 2 clients who were both very pleased with them:
"Thanks for the stunning Christmas basket! Very good taste on the selections. You guys out did yourselves this year."
"I was delighted to receive it! I think it’s a great assortment, we have shared it with the staff and there are lots of smiles. Thank you for your generosity."
8 of the baskets arrived on time or ahead of schedule, while 1 basket is still awaiting delivery (a couple days late so far). I am not too concerned about the timeline as anytime this week is fine with me, but if you have an exact date you want delivery on, you may want to call them to find out your options.

A bit disappointed..

I ordered a custom gift basket for a friend, which was supposed to include: various types of cheese, $50 worth of fruit and nuts. The order arrived in time. However, the nuts were missing and the amount of fruits was nowhere near the amount I requested. Sadly, this is not the first incident.