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Delivery took 9 days, perishable items had to be discarded, missing product & upgrade not included.

Disappointed as what I paid for was not what we received at all. Delivery took extra 5 days of what was indicated at the time of purchase and perishable items had to be discarded. Missing product (marble tray). I paid extra $20 for an upgrade of a specific bottle of champagne and it was replaced with something else. Just missed the special occasion and end up saying sorry the person that received the gift for having to throw away part of the items. Learnt my lesson. Never again.

I am so disappointed

It is the first time I have ordered from this e-commerce. I asked for this gift for my wedding anniversary and my husband did not receive the right thing. Clearly in the detail of the product it says that it will be a Wooden Crate - Engraved "Love Is In The Air" Wooden Crate, but he received the wooden crate without nothing engraved! It was only the wooden crate. That's really disappointed because the picture and description says something and you guys don't deliver what it says. I'm so sad, because this gift was so special for me.

Nice but the items did not arrive together

We ordered a gift basket for my friend that included chocolate strawberries, a plant, and a bottle of jack Daniels. The Jack Daniels arrived separately which was a bit disappointing as we were hoping it would arrive together in a cute box as advertised.

Disappointed: Fast, well-received, but missing elements.

My experience started off very positively, I was looking for a gift for my Brother (who's a Dad) for his 40th Birthday on short notice. I found exactly what I wanted on Yorkville's site, I made some amendments and selected some add-ons for an additional cost. I found the site easy to navigate, no problem with my billing/mailing information and I liked the look of the product. The Gift Basket was dispatched, arrived on my Brother's Birthday and he was quite pleased to receive it, so excited he sent me a picture. On reviewing the picture I noted the add-ons I had selected for an additional cost were absent. Since my Brother was already quite pleased, I didn't want to make him think anything was missing, so I candidly asked him what was included. It was at this point I realized the add-ons were indeed, not sent.
Not a problem, I thought I'd follow up with the company, get a refund for the missing items and all would be well. This is where my experience turned sour. I heard back from customer service relatively quickly given the pandemic, they seemed to take my matter seriously and said they would investigate. The next email I received was a generic response about substitutions being within their scope and within their policy that I agreed too. I contacted them back to inform them I understood the substitution policy and I simply wanted a refund for the missing items.
Radio silence, I never heard back after my last correspondence, it has been over a month with no reply, no refund, and no satisfaction. Had the customer service rep. simply refunded me the cost of the missing items, the items I paid for and did not receive, this would have been a 5 star response.
Instead it's a two, should be a one, but I'm feeling generous with the world being in a bad state.


You sent the wrong basket and I can not get a hold of anyone to fix this problem. TERRIBLE!!!!!!!

Cheese basket with champagne and flowrrs

I am very disappointed with the service. The product did not arrive next day (took 3-5 days) and the flowers were completely dead. There’s no number or proper contact service for this website too. Be careful.

special gift still not received 7 days later. I want my money back

not impressed

Very disappointing - missing/replaced items

I cannot recommend Hazelton´s at all.
1. My basked arrived one day too early
2. Out of 6 ordered items was 1 missing, and 3 have been replaced by completely different things. (e.g. ordered olives got black velvet cookies)
3. After I complained my basked I´ve received a standardized email by customer support.

Never again!



Basket was okay, service was terrible!

The basket was okay although we received it way prior to the requested delivery date (paid extra) and it was left outside, on the ground, in cottage country where there are a lot of wildlife. It sat outside for days which basically made the majority of the items inedible. The worst was I contacted customer service to request some information on where it was left and what conditions it was left (in a box, on a surface off the ground etc.) and she was extremely rude and unhelpful. Their agent "Martina" said that there's nothing they can do about it now and offered no clarification . When we requested a refund she just kept saying "Denied" because the item was in fact delivered. This was over $300 down the drain and worse was the impression it left on the recipient (the president of our company). Would have been completely understanding of the reason given if the representative had been more helpful and less dismissive of our concerns.

Liars and thieves

I’d give negative stars if I could. I spent $75 on items/shipping and I followed the policy of faster shipping for perishable items and was sent something completely different! Emailed everyday for 2 weeks to only be told oh well! You can’t get anyone on the phone and emails seem to be robots. Don’t order cakes because I’m pretty sure they don’t even have them. Customer service is awful. Don’t waste your money because you won’t get what you order!

Cake smashed

The cake arrived smashed. I have emailed customer service twice with NO response. Pretty disappointing given the price point for this gift.
The rose, bamboo cutting board, champagne flutes and champagne were beautiful.

Received Different Items

Received totally different item than ordered, delayed by 3 days, with no communication on the change/adjustment.

Not as described

My friend received completely different products from what is described on this page. I am very disappointed and I have not heard back from customer service even though I have contacted them twice via email and phone.

Extremely disappointing

I ordered the Baking Brie Duo Gift Set with Moet Brut for my son to celebrate his engagement. The delivery did not include the champagne, cheese board or cheese knives. Half the food items were replaced with supermarket quality items, for example a bar of Toblerone and a packet of potato chips. I emailed Hazelton's, however am yet to receive a reply. Do not order from this company - especially if you are sending the items outside of the US. I am so very disappointed!!

The worst

Save your money. This place is a sham. What you order is, by far, NOT what you get. Bait and switch tactics, horrendous customer service.

for my previous review sent.

Shouldn't have been five stars, definitely a one star!!!! Produce what's in your photo or at least similar.


I was disappointed in what was sent vs. what I ordered. What we ordered was totally different. It was also a variety of maybe two or three different things along with different stones and sand in the bottom. What was sent was red either sand or stone, and one type of cactus, totally worth way less than what I paid for. something needs to be done about this.

Very bad service. I bought my basket 3 months ago and still not delivered.

I bought this basket as present in the beginning of December, now is March and they still not delivered to me. I send a lot email and they just say “your package is on the way” Way where? Why this company can’t be clear or give me my money back. I payed $300 in a basket. PLEASE I NEED MY MONEY BACK.

Horrible Delivery Experience

Horrible experience. Purchased 1 day delivery using USP and not one of my three custom champagne orders was delivered on time.

Very poor quality replacement items

Ordered the Country Wine & Cheese Gift Board as a birthday gift for my son – only for it to arrive with substandard items, and not even with any fresh cheese despite the name.

What was advertised to be included when we ordered was below (versus what we actually got):

Bottle of Wine: We upgraded the wine and a $13 bottle of Bordeaux was delivered

Black Edge Acacia Wood Cutting Board: This was not delivered

BOSS Camembert Square: This was not delivered

East Shore Cajun Pretzels 113g: This was not delivered

Cookie It Up Hand Made White Chocolate Cranberry Shortbread: Shortbread was delivered

Mariner Ancient Grains Organic Flatbread Crackers: Crackers were delivered

Divine Confections Milk Chocolate Cherries: This was not delivered

Sable & Rosenfeld Tipsy Fiery Olives: Blue cheese olives were delivered

Aioli Garlix Mustard Sauce 9oz: Wholegrain garlic mustard was delivered

Petite Maison Kalamata Olive & Walnut Tapenade: This was not delivered

Marich Milk Chocolate Cherries: This was not delivered

Two Wine Goblets with an Ornate Pattern Rim: This was not delivered – two vases arrived which they originally thought were carafes.

What also arrived but was not in the product description we ordered was:

Honey mustard dipping sauce

2 x Hammonds chocolate bars

Aisago cheese straws

Packet of salted cashews

Terrible shipping!

The basket itself was fine, and was enjoyed by the recipient. However the shipping was terrible! CanPar missed the date, and not just by a little. Why am I paying so much for shipping if you can't guarantee the delivery date?!?!?

incomplete product delivery

My order was delivered without the baloon and the cake which was paid for. This is an incomplete delivery.

Terrible - Nothing I ordered was in my hand picked gift

Every Item I chose from my personally hand picked gift was totally different and a cheap knock off - eg cheap american cheese, cheaper wine - I paid for $36.00 red wind and got a $18 bottle, - I ordered a stuffed Lamb animal for my friend who loves Lambs and she got a dog instead. No Olives or Olive Oil -a very cheap Choc that had bacon bits and potato chips in it - my friend said worst ever and her 12 year old son wouldn't even touch it. I ordered a Medium Wooden Breakfast Tray so she could re-use over and over instead she got a basket - on all the above I was NOT INFORMED of any changes, I have sent 3 emails to 3 separate offices and yet still no reply on anything.

Warning: Did Not Come with the Wine Cart

Did not come with the wine cart like described. Instead, it came in a basket. Cute, but not the staple piece it's marketing. I tried to reach out to customer service with no response.