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DO NOT BUY IT! There’s nothing in the crate what they are advertising. I will never buy from you people again is all about your fancy wed page but the product you are sending Is not what the picture shows or describes. Thanks for the poop you send me.


This was the second time I’ve ordered from this company and I will not do it again. The first time they sent the wrong card and package so my recipient thought it was an accidental delivery. The second time I requested a delivery on a specific date and it was 2 days late and the flowers were wilted. Extremely disappointing given the price to order and ship these baskets.


I had to get in touch with customer service upon delivery - as the briefcase was substituted to a small, narrow case with the 6 beer on top (instead of the beer inside the briefcase as depicted). Also the gourmet food I ordered to add to the gift basket was missing and sent as a separate shipment once I notified them. I had been looking forward to surprising my husband on his birthday with a briefcase full of beer and yummy snacks all in one fun gift basket. When I asked if they could send the briefcase as depicted on the website so I could put the beer in myself - I was advised that I agreed when I placed my order that there may need to be substitutions and that they would not be sending another briefcase. Disappointed.

Great Gift but some damage on delivery

We sent the Beer Tasting Basket to a friend for her 50th birthday. She absolutely loved it but I was disappointed to hear that some of the beer was frozen. One of them even exploded! I would have thought this would have been considered and prevented.

You dare ask me for a review???

It was delivered inedible and not even presentable. I wrote customer service, enclosed pictures and was offered NO recompense. HORRIBLE business sense and I will continue to post on all social media STAY AWAY FROM HAZELTON!!!!

Classy Snack Basket and Baked Goods

The baskets were beautiful.
The shipping company was HORRIBLE. Even though boxes were labeled as Fragile, they were stacked upside down and side ways. This didn't hurt the baskets so much, however the boxes of cookies and cupcakes were all but DESTROYED.
As well, there were no dates or warrnings on the baked goods, when do they expire ? Do butter cream cupcakes require refridgeration ? There was no label on them at all, when were they baked ?
Also the packing material (styrophoam peanuts) are the worst, paper would have been far more sensible.

Our company is not satisfied with the product this year. The basket itself was nice, however, we only received 14 of the 17 items ordered nor did any of the baskets come with the Christmas greeting requested in the online order. When contacting customer service for the delivery time as I had provided instructions, the lady I spoke with was very rude and when contacting the commercial customer service department regarding a refund on the 3 items not received, they were very argumentative and have yet to provide a response to my final email request.


I ordered this product multiple times for clients - and found out that the image of Glenfiddich is not what is sent out and Wisers is the option, which is not labeled anywhere. This is such a bait and switch and will be the last time I order from your services!

Baskets aren't packed properly and look nothing like the picture.

I ordered 8 of these and they look all looked like they were put together by 3 year olds. The actual product looks nothing like the basket in the picture. These idiots also forgot to give me the Christmas cards. The plastic is ripped open on three of them, I cant give a gift like that. Absolutely will not order from these mf'ers again. I wish i could post a picture and show you guys here.

Warning to potential customers about the service

The service here was so terrible. It's my fault for not reading the terms and conditions of ordering, yes, but I couldn't have expected this company to waive all responsibility so liberally. I ordered a custom basket that cost over 200 dollars, where I selected 9 different types of cheese, 50 dollars worth of "gourmet foods" and a cutting board with knives. I took over 4 hours to research the exact cheese I wanted, as this was to be a gift to my wife accompanied by wine and charcuterie meats that I selected elsewhere to accompany the cheese. What I got was so not what I ordered. Firstly, I received the order a day early when I had asked for a specific date of delivery. Then, only 2 of the 9 cheeses were what I ordered and 7 were just generic cheese, mostly wine-soaked, which I had NOT asked for in any way. They weren't the TYPE of cheese I had ordered even, as in I wanted rare cheese or blue cheese and didn't get any. It was a selection of cheese from a company near where I live actually, that themselves sell in a bundle for far less than it costs here. On top of that, the 50 dollars worth of "gourmet items" were 2 cheap bags of chips and two small boxes of crackers, and I guess they decided I wanted a tapenade that I never ordered or checked the box for. The cutting board wasn't what was pictured either. Customer support about this only reiterated their policy at me. SO READ IT if you are looking for a specific custom order because you will not get what you order and they don't assume responsibility for this. They will substitute at will, with no warning and are not going to refund or resolve the issue at all. Read their terms, they are hilarious. At least had they ASKED me if I wanted the substitutions I could've rejected them and not spent over 200 dollars on something I did not order. They claim to prioritize timely delivery over accuracy! I got it a day early AND all wrong! Never again will I do business with a company this terrible. 0 stars!

Cake was terrible, stale, flowers missing, fruits missing

The order was supposed to include a bouquet of roses, that never arrived.
The fruits were only consisting of a plasticky strawberries and an apple (with a hole). Kiwis were missing.
Cake was stale and people felt sick after eating it.
The nuts were basically the cheapest variety - peanuts.


I ordered this cake for my Husband on our anniversary. He said the cake was awesome and tasted really good. But the delivery guy did not sound friendly, it was NOT by hand delivery. Plus i wanted to make my husband feel special with the beautiful note on it.. but due to the attitude of the delivery person.. it did not really feel special. !! 5 stars for the red velvet cheesecake cake and beautiful packing.. but 2 Stars for delivery..

Everything perfect except for a big mistake

Everything was perfect until the delivery. You gave 2 of the baskets wrong. Basically the big one to one of the managers to the company and a box of teas to the big boss. You made me look so bad with big clients. I am really mad with the service. Don’t think I will talk any good thing or hire again if this is how it works when you order more than one basket.

wrong item

Did not receive the item ordered. Not notified of the change. Jane in customer service said, "please review our terms and conditions for more information about our substitution policy pertaining to international deliveries." Hazelton will change what they deliver without notifying you. They accept orders they cannot fill. AND when it happens customer service tells you to read the fine print.

Customer Service Is Terrible


Do not order from this company! The customer service is terrible! I received a damaged crate and they would not contact me back. When I called from a different cell they finally picked up and when I spoke with the service rep she said they would have to review the item. I received it late and damaged and my company's Christmas party is the following day. She would not pass me over to "customer service" I thought I was speaking to customer service. She would not pass me over to a supervisor. She just hung up on me. I'm sure no one will see this as they have no negative reviews. I do not believe the shipping company broke this crate I believe they packaged it broken as it was full of stuffing trying to cover it up.

Worst experience

I guess it was the worst experience of my life to order a birthday cake from this bakery. But I guess the main problem was with the delivery company because I ordered the cake on 4th dec and I chose option to deliver cake on the next day but cake was delivered on the 7th dec with rotten smell and the reason they were giving was weather issue ,rubbish even weather wasn't that bad that they couldn't delivered it within 2 days in the same city. Threw away the cake as it was.


Wanted a delivery for monday the 9th of December. Got delivered 7th of December


I’m not sure why they ask for delivery date... they delivered 5 days early then suppose . My parents were not home, that’s why I chose a specific date and went with this company. But it didn’t matter the package sat outside on there steps. Very disappointing

Typically love Yorkvilles baskets BUT website representation of my most recent is misleading.

On previous occasion I have been 100% Satisfied with the end product and how it was reflected on the website. On this occasion not so much. I gladly paid the premium price of $200+ for a premium product. However, the scroll through pictures of the inclusions shows a picture of all the consumable in addition to some decor items such as reindeer and a stocking. The product description says "chic and traditional holiday decor" the basket came with the consumables but not the decor indicated. When I inquired it was very politely explained that the decor items shown with the rest of the product inclusions was "decor" as in site decor not include....If I looked further into the inclusions tab it is not there......I love the basket and had it been it appeared on the site it would have been worth every penny.....problem is at best the presentation is confusing if not misleading.....and if the pictures were just window dressing for the website...why put them with the products and why list decor items as inclusion when there aren't any.......every other aspect of my dealings has been satisfactory if not great. Just didnt get what I thought I paid for.


I make my orden on November 25 and they didn’t send me nothing, I send some emails and they told me they were going to make a refound, but they send me the package yesterday and I didn’t want to because I wasn’t anymore in the place I ordered.

A bit confused so far

Purchased this for a gift for someone and was under the impression they were sending 6 different types of ciders each month that were brewed locally or "hard to find treasures", only to hear the first 6 bottles were Angry Orchard that can be purchased anywhere and not at all worth the price they are charging. I still am curious to hear what the next shipment is. Packed well in a cool crate though...

Disappointed with the custom basket received

I ordered a custom wine basket to gift my husband on our anniversary but receiving the order, some gourmet items were missing , also I chose red wine under red wine category while placing my order but received white wine that too worth of less than half the price that I paid for. Cake ordered was also changed . I am very disappointment with the items I received and will not recommend hazeltons online gift baskets to anyone , myself will not do any business with them ever again ☹️

Terrible Customer Service

The customer service is terrible. They do not care about the customers happiness and will not work with you when there are issues. The website is terrible. Doesn't function smoothly. The orders glitch and merge addresses for multiple orders. Completely unsatisfied with Hazelton's and will not be giving them my business in the future.

could have been better

Good gift basket, but disappointed on delivery process. I had requested a day of delivery, and if this was something they couldn't fulfill, I should have been called and notified.

I think the photos on your website needs updating.

I've ordered Tiramisu cake for my mom but she received a fudge mocha cake. I'm not sure if they are the same but it's nowhere near the photo on the website.