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Awful Service

I would never recommend this company and will be looking to cancel any remaining deliveries. First shipment included a “Coors Light” which is NOT a “hard to find craft beer”. Second shipment was 4 of the same beer from same brewery as one from first shipment. I have attempted to contact this company on 4 occasions without any response.

Worst experience

I had the worst experience with them .. They dint deliver the items on time even though it was guaranteed delivery. The customer service executives were very rude .. I placed an order for my husband’s birthday and they dint deliver the birthday cake itself.

Did not get chocolate chip cookies.
My order was totally wrong

Very dissatisfied.

For the amount of $$ I spent. Will never order again.

Sent reply back to company and did not get a satisfactory explanation.

Worst Cake Ever

I've ordered many things through online. Usually they were inedible items. The one time which I had, turned out to be the most catastrophic moment of not only my life, but also my husband. I ordered a gift basket and a cake thru this company. Not only did it not arrive on time due to holiday reasons, so I had to ruin my surprise our first anniversary gift for him but also had him pick it up. As he opened the package, I kept asking keep going only to find out it wasn't complete. All of the chocolates I ordered were wrong and everything was melted. And I kept pondering. "Where was the cheesecake"? It wasn't there. I had him reach out to customer service and get this guys. These people don't have the decency to have a phone number to resolve concerns. They want you to email them. Below are the results of what was sent to us. I can say I am putting this review on all of social media, yelp, Google, their own website, and making aware to all of my friends/family. Never again will I order food thru online nor this horrible website.

P. S. They refuse to refund me. I spent nearly $70.


Although the basket of goods was well presented and pleased the recipient ,as the sender, I, was very disappointed that it wasn’t delivered on the booked date. It was sent as a birthday gift and thus the importance and relevance of the planned delivery date was missed. Neither was I informed that it hadn’t been delivered until I I followed it up. As I was sending a gift from outside the USA I had hoped that I had placed an order with a reliable company. Fortunately my son is enjoying the treats.


I believe the item was fine and pleased the recipient,however, it was most disappointing as it was not delivered on the requested date. As it was a birthday gift this as not good enough.

Do not order from Hazeltons

I ordered a basket for my brother in law's 40th. The cheeses were all rotten when he opened the gift. I asked for a refund and was told it was my fault, as I had not read the terms and conditions. My view is that only expedited shipping options should be defaulted in the online store if ordered perishable. It is silly to pack a box and know that it's contents will be rotten but accept payment in full. Terrible business model. No repeat business and will be shaming on social media and getting money back through other avenues.


By the time the cake arrived from delivery it had turned on its side and was 1/2 mush. Besides that I did not like the strawberries that were used... something tasted bitter. I have ordered the plain cheesecake in the past and it was good.
This was a disaster.


Of all the places I shopped in the world, this is hands down the worst. This company is so unprofessional, dysfunctional, and definitely bordering on illegal as far as their practices are concerned. I placed an order for my fiancé’s birthday a day prior - it was a chocolate cake, an orchid, a huge singing balloon and a card. This company, without informing me, took the liberty to swap out EVERYTHING. Instead of the balloon, he got some lame chocolates, instead of the orchid, he got some random plants and the cake was messed up. The order also came near end of day when I had specified EARLY. Contacted them and they kept hanging up on me or ignoring emails. Will file a complaint with BBB and likely the police. These people are the worst. Do not shop, they will ruin your special day.

Wrong products, no explanation/left product outside in sweltering heat

An upgraded wine was ordered and a substitute was made with no communication. The delivery person did not wring doorbell or knock on the door, but left the package on the front porch in the extreme heat and humidity.

Don't throw away your money!

I ordered (what I thought was a lovely gift basket) to celebrate the birth of our new granddaughter. Although I ordered it on July 10 - Here we are at July 18 and the basket has not arrived. When you pay for your basket online - a sentence describes delivery times - but it is only the last part of the sentence that states 5 business days for delivery NOT GUARANTEED!!
My daughter has left the hospital and to date - nothing has been delivered. Very disappointed and will NOT use HAZELTON'S againg :(

Pecan Pie

I have no good review for your company..or customer service I got..wrong items plus horrible cake my freind was not happy.

terrible after service

I ordered at $200 basket to be delivered on the same day, as it was a birthday gift. The package contained fruit and a cakelet. The package arrived 6 days later. Naturally, the cake and fruit had spoiled and had melted on the other products.They had not marked the package as perishable. My and my husband's attempt to get any kind of reimbursement / apology / acknowledgement of responsibility from Hazelton was continually met with complete denial and disregard. They were rude, dismissive and belligerent. It breaks my heart to deal with companies whose entire intent is only to make money, and take no ownership once they take the client's money. We are going through various other channels to seek redress.

Too expensive

Honestly all in all , it was too expensive . When I tried to buy another cake 2 weeks in advanced I still had to pay $22-25 for delivery! Like I didn’t even asked for same day !!! Only when you surpass the price of 100 dollars then they will make that delivery option free.


My gift to my dad on his birthday yet to reach. It was sent 15 days back .. Hopeless service !! No one is available on phone . They never pick up
Sent a mail no reply . They dont even deserve one star !!! Nevet to use them again !!

Very disappointed

Gave them plenty of time to rectify my problem before I wrote this. I ordered a custom basket, it wasn't delivered when it said it would be. They made an excuse, that didn't even make sense. I ordered a certain bottom basket (paid extra) but received a different one. They told me if I would have read the fine print it says substitutions will be made if not available. I guess that was my fault????
The fruit was rotten when it arrived and they told me I shouldn't have ordered fruit???? They really should have done something for me, a new basket sent out, a discount on another one, my money back, anything. Obviously they don't care about happy customers, unfortunately I will never order from them again.

Wrong Basket sent. Emails ignored.

I'm leaving a 1 star review because my brother was sent the wrong gift basket. I ordered a custom basket which included several items which were not delivered at all. The email I sent (copied below) has not yet been responded to so i am not satisfied with my purchase.

Thank you for redelivering - the parcel was able to reach my brother in time.

However, i was sent a picture of the parcel and I was very disappointed to find that this was not what I ordered. I made a custom order which included only certain fruits, no chocolate, a tray and a balloon among other things. The basket contained fruits i didnt order such as pears, and was missing other fruit, and contained chocolate and no balloon or tray.

While it is now too late to change the basket, I would like to know which basket was sent instead and be refunded any difference in payment, particularly for items that were not even included such as the balloon and tray for which I paid extra.

I attach screenshots of what i ordered and the picture of what my brother received for clarity. These are clearly not the same.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Don't want to add to my frustration. Very poor service. Will never use it again. Refer to all my online communication if you really care about your service

Extremely disappointing service

I was extemely disappointed with the service. As i live in a different country always end something for my brother and have been doing this for 8 years now and this was the only bad experience i had
Firstly, Whenever i have ordered before, if the item ordered can't be delivered on the date specified, that information is clearly intimated. your website did no such thing and delivered the gift basket 5 days late
Secondly, cakes and such perishable item are usually sourced from local market, not couriered across country. As a customer i don't know these details and hence should have been warned while ordering, which i was not
Thirdly, i personally feel , common sense dictates that if you know a product is going to go bad by the time it reaches the destination, it shouldn't have been done. part or whole order should have been cancelled rather than delivering a spoilt cake , chocolates and a dead plant.
Forth, Even the packaging was bad, the plant might have still survived as it doesn't need a lot of water . but was crushed in transport
Out of 5 items in the basket, only 2 survived. That qualifies as a very bad experience.
as a customer, i don't know where the products were being sent from, how long it will take, what kind of packaging it is. No clear indication was given for any of it. Hence, it was your duty to make sure products reach safely or not accept the order at all.

Wine Only

My order hasn’t even been delivered yet and it’s been 7 days! I’m so upset and will not use this company again.

When i had to give order there was showing choose delivery date.. when I decided delivery date but you delivered another day. I won’t order next time. Disappointed with your service..

All of my fruit was bad

I received this from a customer today and all of the fruit was rotten! It seeped into the packaging of everything else...hopefully the wine will be good!

Non existent customer service

I ordered the champagne with chocolate dipped strawberries as a gift for my son and daughter in law. While ordering on line it asked me for a delivery date. My son was moving into his first new home and they would be spending their first night on 6/29/19. I wanted them to be able to toast their first night in their new home. After requesting that date, I got an email that it would be delivered on 7/2/19. I started to call the 800 number to tell them if they could not deliver on the date I requested to cancel the order. I guess since it was after 5pm they were not there and gave me no options. I even tried to email them with no response. Needless to say they ruined my whole surprise and I called my credit card company to tell them I was disputing the charge. Amex was nice enough to refund my money and to this day I have not heard a word from this company. My kids did receive the delivery but after the fact which wasn't good enough for me. The only thing the company emailed about was to write a review so here it is. Never again! Why ask for a delivery date if you can't comply?

Don't waste your money

I ordered this set and added on a bunch of things for my fiance's birthday. I put the day I wanted it delivered on the form in the spot provided and paid extra to have it delivered in 3 days. It took 9 days for this to be delivered from the day I ordered it, so he got it 4 days after his birthday. They have nothing in place to ensure delivery on the date requested and they were not interested in helping me get this delivered on his actual birthday. Customers service was no help at all and got quite belligerent with me when I contacted them about it. Also, the "cakelet" is only a cake cut in half!! you get half a cake! and it showed up upside down and smushed up due to their delivery methods. Complete waste of my money and my fiance ended up with nothing from me on his birthday. I will NOT be using this company for anything again and suggest no one else does either.

50th birthday

items were of good quality . The balloon I ordered to add to decorative aspect did not come. It took me awhile to track down the company info and report but I did get a refund. Overall a decent basket .