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No Silver Mug in “Silver Mug Gift Basket”

I ordered this basket for a big birthday with the mug being the key feature. There was no mug and there was a beer glass instead (note: there is a gift of similar price that contains 4 beers and 4 different glasses and snacks). Their policy says they can substitute based on their cost without informing you if there is no time. I placed the order on a Tuesday to deliver on a Friday at an address local to the company. Not sure if any other retailer would consider this “no time” in our modern age. I’ve had florists inform me of issues on less. This was my second order and my first one (should have learned my lesson then) there was an issue with a key item and others as well - although in the end they gave me a refund on the missing items. But that basket had many more items in it that I was fine with it (although I’ve ordered and created gift baskets in the past with nothing like this). My complaint for this missing Silver Mug is still being reviewed by them and it has been a week since I’ve placed it (although they’ve written they would respond in 72hours). I’ve read other reviews with the same substitution/products missing issue. If you were looking at this as a potential gift - be warned that they didn’t have the item that makes this gift special and expensive. They’ll replace it with something much cheaper and think they’ve gotten away with it. If you order something from this company anyway, make sure you take a screenshot of what you think you should get and a photo of what your recipient actually gets. I’ve now read their T&Cs and it is shocking what they they say they are not responsible for - which is basically delivering the product you think you purchased. I’m not sure whether this is legal, but the company is getting away with it. Don’t believe the advertising. It’s outright fraud.

Disappointing and terrible customer service!

The delivered product was not at all as described. There were a number of substitutions that were not in the theme of the basket and were less valuable and less unique than what was listed in the inclusions. While I anticipate a substitution or two, the purpose of the water basket for Mother's Day was to give my mother items she would not have at the local convenience/grocery store (Perrier and Evian were substituted for the craft waters) for half the price! There was not even a basket! I immediately sent an email from the website to express my disappointment and there has been no reply. Not worth the price and followed by sad customer service.

Not worth the cost

This is fine. But I was under the impression that it would arrive days before it actually did or I wouldn’t have paid for expedited shipping. I could have bought a case of beer and dropped or on my friend’s doorstep the next day doe 1/20 of the cost. My bad.

Nice idea, but flawed execution

This would have been a great Mother's Day gift, had I not received a UPS note the morning of Mother's Day to say it would be delivered the next day and then when it arrived the soil from the plant covered the wooden board- so that part was a surprise after it was cleaned up. Suggestion is to revisit shipping options.

Very disappointing

Thoroughly disappointed

I ordered this for my mum and she received it on time however, it wasn’t what was advertised in the photo. Instead of the advertised wooden barrel, my mum received a wicker basket. I contacted someone via their chat function and he was of no help in the end. He did send me the terms outlined for the sale and in it, it states that on special occasions, some orders might be replaced with items of equal or more expensive items. A wicker basket is clearly not of equal or greater value. He suggested I email them but have not heard anything in well over a week.

Didn’t arrive on time

I ordered this for mother’s day and paid a higher amount on this site because it said it would arrive on time. It was received 3 days late. I understand it is

They delete reviews

Maybe this review will get past the system. Don’t ever order from this company!! I have submitted 2 one-star reviews but they get deleted. It always says zero one-star reviews. This company deletes all bad reviews!!!! My review showed up for about 5 seconds but then never showed up again so I know it went through. This has happened twice. Trust me. They suck. Please don’t waste your money.

Don’t use this company

I got an email from Hazelton’s asking me to review this company. They suck. The email said they fulfilled my order a week ago. Still has not arrived. You select dates for delivery but this company has no expectation of getting it there on time. Customer service is very unhelpful and rude. *beware* - this company is sneaky when you review and automatically makes the review 5 stars even though I initially selected 1 Star. It takes you to another page where - surprise - your review now has 5 stars and if you don’t notice, you’ll submit it with 5 stars. Read the 5 star reviews, they could definitely be 1 stars. Don’t ever ever order from this company. You have been warned.


I purchased the basket for my sister as she is a Starbucks coffee fanatic. When I looked at the reviews I felt safe. My sister received a wicker basket with almost all the items substituted. When I contacted customer service, the informed me that by clicking the box, I had agreed that items could have been substituted. I said I did not expect to most of the original items substituted ( I only received 2 of the items on display - the Starbucks mug and a version of the boss chocolate). Substitutions included - (lemon cookies, earl grey tea, Pirouline cookies) I sent photo o the received goods and asked what's next, I received no further correspondence until this request to rate the service. I guess the matter is closed. This was my first and LAST purchase.

Very disappointed

I ordered this for my daughter for her birthday. I requested delivery to her hotel. I paid extra for an upgrade in champagne. What she received was not a variety of strawberries but all the same. I have no idea who's to blame but the strawberries were moldy, and the boat was broken in three places along with a broken wooden tray. The upgraded champagne was a lesser quality then the one offered in the first place. (Cupcake). My daughter was very shocked at how everything arrived and when I notified Hazelton's, they offered to replace the boat and tray only. And referred me to the "we can substitute, if need be.".. I will never order anything ever from Hazelton..

Late delivery, terrible customer service, missing items

For mother’s day this year I sent my mom a Tea & Snack Fantasy Gourmet Gift Basket. In my order I wanted her to receive it the morning of mom’s day and have it for breakfast. There was no indication that this delivery date was not possible but it didn’t arrive until the Monday after mother’s day. I tried all weekend to reach someone and no one got back to me. When they finally did get back to me they said the delay in response was because I didn’t include my order number (which was in the email subject) in the email. When I asked why it was so late they said it was because i ordered too for a weekend delivery - this was never communicated when I was making the order. If it was I would have made other arrangements. I asked for a refund for my shipping seeing as I paid express with the idea it would make it there on time, but they declined. I am now visiting my mom this weekend and asked her if she enjoyed the basket at least and found out that despite the extra money I paid for her to get scones and strudel in the basket they were not included. I am extremely disappointed with the customer service and the missing items I paid extra for not arriving. My order number is HC293280. I hope you will do the right thing an at least refund me for the items you didn’t give my mom.


Worst service, garbage products. Didn’t get anything that I ordered and what did end up coming was complete garbage. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS TERRIBLE COMPANY! Worst customer service on top of terrible products!

Very Disappointed!

The flowers were mostly dead & dying and the chocolates were melted. When I tried to bring it to their attention, they said it was my fault for choosing 4 day delivery. They charged me $50+ dollars for a 4 day delivery. If the gift cannot withstand the time of delivery, it should not be offered as an option. I did not
recall choosing 4 day delivery, and would not have done so knowingly. They proceeded to have their customer service communicate with me several times to try and convince me why they could not refund my charges. It was very embarrassing to have my Mother receive this dying gift & frustrating to have someone act as if they are addressing my concerns, and instead just try to convince me why it was not their fault. I was a first time customer & a last time customer.

Ball of Mousse

It was both a nightmare and embarrassment. My mom still thanked me for her Mother's day gift, but then said that the cake was like a big ball of white chocolage. The orchids and flowers were almost withered. Never again.

Why order when they send what they want anyway

3 orders. All 3 had substitutions that cost less than what I ordered. They subbed an Ice Wine for another worth 1/3rd what I paid. If you order just know they will send replacements for most everything.

I hear Direct Cellars is coming to Canada. Http:// they let you pick and send it out right.

I am not happy with Hazeltons. Feel completely ripped off... 3 times. Not ok. Why cannot I get what I pay for.

Not happy with cost of shipping.or date of delivery

Charged over $30.00 for a local delivery, The basket was supposed to be delivered the day before Mothers Day, but did not arrive until the day after.
Very displeased


Never order from here! I ordered an orchid and chocolate strawberries for my grandmother and mother for mother's day. The orchid was "ok", but not as nice as what I usually get them. The strawberries were a MESS! They were not ripe, the green tops were all dried out and withered, and they had not been packed properly so they ended up all smashed together at one end of the box with the chocolate broken off. Additionally, the white bowl they were supposed to come it was missing. When I contacted customer service they took 4 days to get back to me, then told me they needed photos. From my 80 year old mother! (and 99 year old grandmother!), I told them I did not live near them and they do not have smart phones. They offered to send a replacement order. Guess what, the replacement order was even WORSE! than the original! The strawberries again were not packed properly and mashed, none were ripe and the chocolate was completely mashed in with the strawberries. When I contacted customer service they said they couldn't help me without photos, but by the looks of these reviews, they should realize by now that everything they send out is awful! Horrible company!

Not what I ordered

They suck not the same shit in the picture

Great gift option long distance!

My only disappointment was that while I ordered chocolate covered strawberries along with the champagne, my son received random fruits! This switch should not be made without checking with the customer!

Snacking gift Basket

This was a congratulatory basket for a new office space. Lots of snacks for everyone to enjoy.


Not the basket that I ordered

I have used your company in the past and was very satisfied with the basket that I ordered. However that was not the case this time. While I do completely understand that items may be out of stock or seasonal and may need to be substituted, to substitute an entire basket without contacting the sender is unacceptable. I contacted customer service and after a few brief back and forth emails (by the way, you should add more phone lines for customer service issues. It is better to handle these issues over the phone then waiting for back and forth email responses) all i got was a basic copy and paste of your terms and conditions. Which in there you have that items substituted will be of equal or greater value. I knew what I ordered compared to what i received was not of equal or greater value. I asked for a simple price breakdown of items and then did not get a response for two days. It was only after I did my own research and sent another email with the prices that I found that I received another response. That was to just let me know that they forwarded it to management for further investigation. That was over a week ago and I have yet to get a quick email from them stating they are looking into it or will get back to me.
I added on a rare cheese. Cedar Valley Raspberry Chocolate Fudge Cheese for $13.50 The cheese that was substituted was Castello Traditional Blue Cheese - $9.75.
They replaced the tea that was supposed to come with the basket, which after looking online is around $12 with a box of Maple herbal tea that goes for about $4 a box.
The Glass that is between $12-15 was replaced with a plain white ceramic mug that is easily $1-5 max.
This is just three items and easily the difference is $25. Not to mention that plain sea salted almonds is not an equal sub for Gourmet Roasted Almonds and Dried Tart Cherries covered in Dark Chocolate.
They also did not QC the basket to see that they forgot to put in the ceramic dishes. They did send one the next day.

Shit company!

This company doesnt even deserve a star but I didnt have that option.

Delivered a day late when I ordered two weeks ahead of time. Didnt send all of package, missing bottle of wine. Then they left me a voice mail (which was good because then I had a number to speak to a person!) scolding me for telling the lady on the other end of the phone to have a great day and that I hope she gets the stick removed from her ass, after I was polite to her and continuously cut off during the conversation. She did nothing as far as helping in anyway! Had to raise hell to get the issue resolved that this company created. This company does not care about its customers! If it did it would take some advice from ALL the negative comments (which is all there really is) on their Facebook page and fix some issues! SCAMMERS...CROOKS...


Good, but...

Solid basket. Arrived on time. Items as described. The downside were the flowers that were trashed from transportation or something. Still good overall, but not 5 starts.

I selected this item because of the Maple Leaf jersey bear. That item did not arrive. I selected additional gifts to add on and expected a variety but that was not the case. I am very disappointed with the product. I was happy with the service, the delivery person called me to confirm delivery and I was thankful for that after reading some reviews that were less than stellar. I wish the product I ordered had been included. Not worth the money I paid.