Heart & Mind Box Rose Set

  • A gift as thoughtful as it is elegant. The Heart & Mind Box Rose Set is a diverse gift from Toronto Blooms, able to be gifted to either friends or family, for romantic occasions or celebrations. This beautiful box rose set can be combined with champagne, wine or chocolates and other gourmet delights to make an even better gift.

  • This bouquet includes a collection of roses and flowers gathered together in a stylized box. If you wish, you can add any wine, champagne, beer, liquor or gourmet gifts from our list of add-ons to this gift. 

Customer Reviews

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If I could give this 0 stars I would. The "roses" they sent were carnations and they arrived 24 hours after my friends birthday - I should mention I didn't use same day I ordered a few days ahead of time knowing that its Covid and things might be backed up. Like don't advertise that you'll get it there on time when I'm giving several days notice. Will never use this company again. You don't get what you pay for that's for sure.

so disappointed

Flowers dead within 24 hours

What was meant to be a lovely gesture turned into a headache

Despite giving a phone number for delivery to expressly prevent flowers from being left in the wrong spot, no effort to reach the person was made. I received an email claiming that the flowers had successfully been delivered to my friend, insinuating that a hand delivery had been made, but when I contacted her she didn't know about them and hadn't received a phone call. She went searching throughout her building and bumped into her neighbour, who happened to mention she had them at her door (in a completely different part of the building). My friend then sent me a picture of what she received, which was far from what we had ordered.
What I ordered (with note): https://torontoblooms.ca/products/heart-mind-box-rose-set
What we received (without note or name attached): https://torontoblooms.ca/collections/mixed-bouquets/products/colourful-radiance-flower-box-set
What I was told when I signaled the mistake: "Thank you for your response and for providing the photos requested. We've reviewed the images and details of your order thoroughly, and we can confirm that the recipient received the flowers intended for them. We're sorry to inform you that the condition of the flowers delivered do not warrant a replacement or compensation. Based on the images submitted for review, the condition in which the flowers were delivered is nearly identical to their appearance prior to when they were dispatched from the warehouse.
In some instances, the photos on the website may represent an overall theme which cannot be exactly replicated. Occasionally, substitutions of flowers will occur due to weather, seasonality and market conditions affecting availability. We're sorry if this isn't the response you were hoping for, or if the flowers happened to fall short of your expectations. Thank you or your understanding."
When sending in a request for support, there was no "wrong flowers delivered" option and the closest thing was "damaged or missing flowers". It seems like the automatic response comes from the idea that the flowers would be damaged when my communication clearly stated that it was the wrong bouquet.


The flowers were not delivered the day that I ordered them like I was told. I contacted customer service and was given absolutely no help at all, just a “hope so” when I said I hoped they were delivered before they died! I spent $87 on a bouquet of dead flowers that had to be thrown away! They were delivered 5 days late. They were packaged sideways and all of the flowers were falling out all over the box. I will never order from this company again. I’m so mad that I wasted $87 on a box of brown, wilted rose petals. So disgusted.


I custom ordered 3 items for my daughters engagement gift. She received 1 of the 3 items I specifically ordered. I was instructed to chose 1 day delivery bc I had perishable item. I order chocolate covered strawberries- she received a bag of strawberries and chocolate bar. I paid an up charge of 100 for Vueve Clicquot and received something different. I called and was essentially told nothing they can do. As a first time customer, I will NEVER order through New York Blooms again