Magical Fantasy Rose Bouquet

  • The epitome of elegance, the Magical Fantasy Rose Bouquet from Toronto Blooms is a must-have gift. Composed of fine luxury rose stems in rare hues, this bouquet makes for a great gift for your partner or loved ones either by itself or when combined with champagne, wine or chocolates and other gourmet delights. 

  • This bouquet includes a bunch of yellow and pink ombre roses, decorative leaves and baby's breath gathered together in a dusty pink vase with a metallic golden rim. If you wish, you can add any wine, champagne, beer, liquor or gourmet gifts from our list of add-ons to this gift.

How Many Roses (Stems) Would You Like?

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Didn’t like it

Roses were dying, wasn’t the cupcake I ordered and didn’t come on time. Wouldn’t recommend this place to anyone. Being honest. Don’t know what anyone else see

Terrible Quality and no accountability for their product

I ordered and paid for 30 long steam read roses to be delivered to my house on valentines day. I paid $165 (CAD) and based on their pictures expected premium quality. The roses were delivered at 4pm (assuming they were in transit most of the day) and right away they looked dry. The roses were dead after 3 days, they didnt open and began shedding all their pedals. I reached out to customer service for support and I was told there was nothing they could do. I will also mention, I received 12 roses from my husband for Valentines Day. The roses were purchased at a local grocery store for 1/4 of the price and they opened, and lasted 8 days. I would never recommend this service - the one star rating is too high.

Worst Service I’ve Ever Experienced

Unclear if this business is a scam or just worst run operation in the world, regardless it does not fit any of the 1,000+ reviews listed on its site. I ordered 2 bouquets of roses and 2 chocolate strawberry towers for Valentine’s Day, one of each to different Valentines. I placed the order a week in advance to be delivered a day before Valentine’s Day (Thursday, 2/13), to avoid any logistical issues. Then the nightmare began. Upon checking my confirmation email, all four gifts were incorrectly scheduled to be delivered to the same address. After getting a hold of customer service, I was ensured this issue had been resolved and the packages were in route to be delivered to the right addresses on time. When I went to track the packages mid-week, the estimated delivery date showed Tuesday, 2/18 - 6 full days past the scheduled delivery date. The company’s listed phone number stopped working and still does not work as of 2/20. I have sent several unanswered emails and received limited responses from customer service instructing me that they would not refund my order and would only give me store credits. I instructed them to just keep the late Tuesday (2/18) delivery date. On Tuesday, the company cancelled my order without my authorization and all the arrangements were sent back to them. It is now Thursday (2/20) and I cannot get a hold if anyone from the company to tell me what happened or what the resolution will be. Please do not use this service, they are completely unreliable and unreachable.

Horrible experience

This is the worst service, quality and delivery I have ever witnessed.
The delivery was supposed to be maxed on Dec 24th. It was delivered Jan 07.
The flowers came in a cardboard box old and the macaroons were inedible.
I called customers several times leaving my number and explaining this with no fees back.
I want a full refund.
Pls advise.


The flowers arrived in perfect condition and of good quality.