Nature's Own Succulent Garden

  • In a beautiful mix of succulents in varied hues, the Nature's Own Succulent Garden from Toronto Blooms makes for a great gift for the fauna lover in your life. The exquisite planter adds unparalleled charm making it a gift that is sure to be a showstopper.

  • This succulent garden includes various succulents placed in an artistic planter. If you wish, you can add any wine, champagne, beer, liquor or gourmet gifts from our list of add-ons to this gift. 

Customer Reviews

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As I have said. Send me garlic cheese, after I chose something totally different, late delivery, smashed kiwi, this company is horrible to deal with. Beware! They will swap out something you order (and for my wife they decided a nice garlicky substitute would be fine for a special occasion) assuming that’s what she liked. Upon asking for refund on the 4$ cheese I was told sorry but not sorry. Their terms stipulate they can substitute at ANYTIME. They blamed Covid (I mean like I don’t see where it’s affected shipping. I’m getting stuff as ordered as promised all of the time) apparently New York has a cheese shortage, but have “everything” else. They would copy and paste their terms in our debate/defense of the cheese swap! I would never ever suggest this to anyone as have blasted them to every contact I have on Social media! Horrible. They would let a bad rap affect them over a 4$ cheese. But yet they are sooooooooooo busy! What company who was exactly that busy let 4$ give them a bad customer. NONE! They will give what whatever has been sitting in the shelf and they need to get rid of as it expires! I got to most unpopular cheese! Garlic. What a joke

Product and service are the worst

FIRST I ask for a deliver the same day that they offer at the website, this was a special gift and the delivery was made next day not on Friday but Saturday (when the person was not in the place), SECOND I called several times to a phone number on the website and nobody answers, emailed 2 times and emails appears as does not exists I thought this was a scam and my product would not be delivered, THIRD the product was delivered next day and nothing at ALL as advertised, there was like regular chocolates placed in a box, same as you purchase on the supermarket. The only differentiation was the basket. Personal note was attached outside the basket which could been damaged because of the weather.
Overall this wasn’t a good experience I’ll never purchase from you. Worst customer experience EVER.


I called to get a refund and never got a call back. The package was delivered the wrong day and none of the items ordered were right. The balloon was missing
Terrible terrible service...


Great quality chocolates! Great process, although it did get delivered the next day not day of... but amazing nonetheless!

Not what I ordered

I ordered the "Luxury Truffles" and instead a box of square chocolates was delivered. Additionally, as mentioned in my previous review which was deleted from your website, the orchid that I ordered was a white one and instead a purple one was delivered. Same thing happened with the cake, a completely different one was delivered not to mention that it arrived completely destroyed as it was shipped in a box via UPS! I hope this review will not be deleted again and I look forward to receiving a reply from your customer service team, which I'm still waiting for after two weeks of this unfortunate delivery. Thank you.