"You're Special" Plant & Wine Gift

  • Show your loved ones how much you care with the "You're Special" Plant & Wine Gift from Toronto Blooms. An unconventional yet striking combo, this gift set is sure to please! The included bottle of wine may be upgraded from our extensive wine list (with several upgrade options available at zero cost), and additional gourmet goods may be added to the gift. See below for more details.

  • This is what is included in this gift:

    Mezzomondo Negroamaro PugliaRed, White, Ice, Sparkling, Fortified and Port Wines - The gift that you have chosen includes an Italian red wine, Mezzomondo Negroamaro Puglia, a delicious and food-friendly wine; this wine will remind you of the amazing reds from nearby Mt. Etna in Sicily with its medium-body, juicy, mouth-watering fruit, saliva-inducing acidity and fine-grained, dusty tannins.

    This wine can be upgraded to any of the wines from Our Wine list (some at no additional cost). The prices of these upgrades are shown in the drop-down list. You can also add a second or third wine or champagne, liquor or beer to create an even more special gift!

    Terrarium - A black metallic and glass terrarium lined with soil and pebbles with 3 succulents.

    Candle - A white medium sized candle with string detailing around the neck.

    Wine Glasses - 2 x Red wine glasses.

Included in this Wine Gift Basket:

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Adriana Candela
Very disappointed!

I ordered a gift for my friend in New York and when she got the package all the dirt from the plant was around the candle, bottle and package . Also the plant was in a very bad condition due to the delivery I assume . I sent an email to the company with pictures of everything and have not got an answer from them yet . Almost a week now . Very disappointed. I will never buy anything else from them or recommended to anybody !

Ami H
Easy gift, if a little spendy

I liked the gift and it was well received by the recipient, but I upgraded some of the wines and paid much more for them than I would pay at total wine (or similar store). Hard to justify paying so much more for upgrading 2 bottles of wine (over double the price) other than convenience.


Overall this arrangement was lovely, but I was disappointed to see that the container looked nothing like the picture. While I understand substitutions may need to be made, going from a vertical, black container to a laying down glass bottle is quite the switch up! I was also disappointed that the guaranteed delivery of 5 pm was not met, and when I reached out to follow up it took until 10 am the next day to get a generic response. Very disappointing.

Elodie Noulin-Mérat
Almost perfect

The bowl was broken (for the plants). I asked for it to be replaced and am still waiting for an answer. The rest was lovely.

Colin Mowser
Horrible Experience

I ordered a Gift for a family that my son has been staying with in NY during this crisis. The Gift basket comprised of a Terrarium, a 10" Chocolate cake, bottle of wine and six Red Stripe Jamaican Beer. When the family opened the box, the cake was placed on top of the Terrarium and broke the glass, and the beer delivered was a Gluten Free Belgium beer. I contacted New York Blooms three times to advise what occurred. The first response asked me to confirm the order # and name, which I did. The next response asked that I send pictures of the broken glass which i was unable to as the family already disposed of the glass, but I did send pictures of how the Gift was packaged showing the cake resting on top of the Terrarium and the incorrect beer. I got a response saying that without pictures of the glass they could not assist me. I responded a third time saying I was not satisfied with this response, and to date they have not responded to the last e-mail I sent. All i was requesting was for them to send a replacement Glass for the Terrarium to the recipient. I did not ask for a refund, nor compensation, not even a request to deliver the beer I ordered - just a new glass. They have not responded one way or the other to my last email. All companies can make mistakes, how they own up to them and do right by the customer tells you the quality of a company. New York Blooms failed in this regard. Buyer beware!