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Deluxe Salmon & Wine Gift Basket

  • Give the gift of indulgence with the Deluxe Salmon & Wine Gift Basket from Heart & Thorn. Gourmet cheese, fine wine, and delightful smoked salmon combine together to create a blissful combination of flavors that is guaranteed to satisfy, making this the perfect gift for any occasion. Add your favorite flowers to make this thoughtful gift even more meaningful.

  • Cheese - Castello Brie: Brie is a soft white mold cheese. It has a mild, slightly tangy and aromatic taste with a cream and smooth consistency. This Brie will keep its mild, characteristic flavor and soft texture over time due to the fact that the maturing process is stopped when the cheese is at its best.

    Honey - Wildflower Orchards Avocado Honey: Made when bees gather nectar from avocado blossoms, Wildflower Orchards Avocado Honey is a dark, rich honey with a buttery, almost molasses-like flavor.

    Crackers - Capeachio's Vegetable Medley Cracker: CaPeachio’s Artisan crackers make for elegant hors d’oeuvres, the perfect pairing with wine and cheese, or a simple snack straight out of the box. They are all-natural, vegan, non-GMO, and kosher. Baked with classic, distinctive old-world style, CaPeachio’s crackers come in a range of flavors to satisfy everyone at your party, or your picnic, or just when you need a little something.

    Salmon - Seachange Candied Wild Smoked Salmon 70g:Candied Wild Smoked Salmon is a local specialty from Canada's West Coast. Top a bed of greens with candied salmon, broken into bite-sized pieces, or enjoy with fresh baguette and a glass of dry white wine.

    Chocolate - Laitiere Chocolate Bar: Rich and sweet, dark chocolate is always a treat. Indulge in Laitiere Dark Chocolate and savor the little things.

    Mustard -  East Shore - Sweet And Tangy: The original EAST SHORE mustard has an intense taste with a zesty burst of flavor. No Salt Added.

    Wine - This wine gift set includes a bottle of red wine which can be upgraded if you wish.

    Lemon - One Lemon: This basket includes a single lemon, perfect for seasoning seafood or sprucing up a drink.

    Board - Acacia Wood Cutting Board with Metal Handle: This gorgeous Acacia wood cutting board features a modern gold colored metal handle on one end that will be a definite favorite for entertaining. It measures: 33 cm x 22 cm or 13 in x 9 in.

Included in this Wine Gift Basket:

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